Monday, September 19, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005
How are you?
I'm FINE, we're all fine!

Arent ya just fuckin pissed when ya hear that. I mean its not even a question anymore.The person askin the question don't even bother what the reply is coz he/she already know. So its more like
Kaise ho, theek ho na?(how're ya, fine?).MAN!
Why do ppl ask it.It has become like this mandatory statement, something like sayin hello while picking up the fone.
Ya know, imagine u call some and somepicks up, and instead of sayin helloooo politely, they ask ya
AIITE SO WHO THE FUCK DYA WANNA TALK TO BUSTER? Now that'll make ya all charged up wunnit, but it'd be a hell lotta cooler, than helooooo innit?
Something similar is with this "fine " thingee.
My masu, as in the husband of me masi(lol) had this long argument, and came to the conclusion that wheneva someone asks us, kya haal hai, i e how are ya- we're gonna say"FATTI HUI HAI" as in we're totally screwd. But thats how it always is isnt it. Life for one second dunt cease to be a hardcore bitch. And trust me everyone single person feels that way dunt they, no one remains happy for a long time, and guess what , no one can stand the other guy being happy for a long while either, so i guess "Fatti hui hai" really sums up the entire life in two words, ya dunt need to read huge books by deepak chopra, osho, sri sri sai sai yadda yadda . And on that note, plz excuse me, i have to crap, so buh bye!
And by the way i didnt have a sudden attack of paranoia, i am perfectly normal, but i just wanted to write this. so long



yep as of now, mine too 'fatto hui hai'.. :(




happier they'll be, u the faster ppl aacept the truth, the my friend are on a road to fer droppin by


aiite that was meant to sound "the faster ppl accept the bare truth, the happier they'll be. u, my friend are on a road to fer droppin by "

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