Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Tuesday, September 27, 2005
mY brother is addicted to ROCK.
My 8 year old sweet(yet nasty) bro is addicted to stuff i started liking when i was in the ninth grade.
It all started some time ago, 2 years infact. He for the first time hear the hugely popular, How u remind be bY Nickelback. I dunno whether it was the gruff voice of chad kroger, or what. but since then he loves rock. He prolly the only 8 yr old in HYderabad who listens to both KARADI TALES as well as OZZY.
This dude watches MTV as well as VH1 AND ON TOP OF THAT long hours of Hungama, et al.

My dad's amazed. Can't comment on whether thats a green or red signal tho.
Right now my bro's favorite songs are
I dunt wanna miss a thing-AEROSMITH
Be quick or be Dead-Iron Maiden
In the end-Linkin Park
Little by little-Oasis

I just hope he doesn;t like rap that much AT LEAST NOW. let him grow up a li'l bit, coz i wudn't want him to go like, "Go to sleep biyatch, die motha fukha die,Uh timez up biyatch, close ya eyez"
The other day I dunno which rock star he heard it from, he was askin me what, "screw" meant. I told him, it meant drilling.

HEY in a weird way i did tell him the truth didnt i.lol!




drilling lol imagine if he sticks to that meaning thru high school (or middle school in his case)

hm, your bro sounds interesting/ interested (my sister loved spears when she was 1, now she listens to all the hiphop 'n rap shyt me and my other sister listen to - her fav being pretty ricky and g-unit lol tlk abt bad influence)


since i ain't that intensely into hip hop i assume pretty ricky isn't the gay alter ego of ricky martin?


ehe i guess he is ... but he's a combo of martin and usher.


that's kinda hard ta imagine, coz usher being so cool and stuff, and martin being so..ermm..right..


hm, does a wannabe explain it?



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