Saturday, October 08, 2005


Saturday, October 08, 2005
We have our organic chemistry classes at 7 AM sharp.

Todays class was interesting, alcohols and revision of back log syllabus. Our teacher gave us a problem involving multiple reactions and the final product was an ether.
Yours truly was amongst the very first to answer in the class, because he so loves organic chemistry, however thats not the point. After i shot my answer at him, and he slyly nodded. he said

"Ok, to the question, those whose all got ethers, this is correct, and remaining all, you know'.

now that statement has about 50 meanings depending on which word you stress on and what you make of it. i was laffing at it for like 20 mins. but finally when you listen to the statement, it doesnt make any sense at all.



i officially hate this keyboard! prick!

Lord of all Things

super clean language fer a 17 yr old...way to go!!!

and i officially hate this word verification!!!! and those random spam ming guys too..!!catch 22 aye??

catch ya come time.. uuntil that time make mazzza!!!!!

Lord of all Things

btw one more thing about ur ..kutte kaiminey post :)) anthrax is a bacteria- gram+ve, sporulating, non motile. which produces a toxine that is a potent neurotoxin..kills by paralysing the involuntary muscles... and yeh itz my fav too:d wanted to kill my prof with it:d by mixing off in their cofee:D


anyways, yea i too hate the word verification but if ya dunt keep it ya get these damn guys begging ya to come to their site. thnx fer droppin by.and yea anthrax rules!!

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