Sunday, October 30, 2005

magazines and stuff

Sunday, October 30, 2005
two of my close pals are releasing their magazines. one here in hyd and the other in b'lore. so while my blore pal was in the city quite recently, we arrived at this topic. so i told her bout the other mag, whose name is HUE. i was telling him how it was going to be names FYI b4, but that idea was dropped. well thats pretty obvious isn't it, half the people wudn't know what it meant, something like ROTFL or LOL!
so we were discussing bout other names that magazines could have....i told him how bout WTF. we just cracked up laffing at each other's faces. then we came up with this convo that one would have with the guy in a shop asking for this mag. so one would go like, "hey man give me this, mag?"
"which one sir"
"what the fuck man"
"excuse me sir?"
"what the fuck man, give it to me"
"sir i suggest you cool it"
"huh, what did i do?"
or if there was some sort of an awards ceremony, the compere would go like, "and now for the best new comer of the year award, and the winner is, hmm, what the fuck".


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