Monday, October 10, 2005

i dont know ok?

Monday, October 10, 2005
my computer got screwd(aakhir computer kiska hai??), so i have to do all my blogging, emailing, browsing, from the tacky cafe thats bout 100 yards from my home. I go to this place like one in 4-5 days. As it is in most cases, internet parlours(too much respect by calling this place that) and phone booths are synonomous. So as i am typing this entry now, i am also listening to a girl talk on the fone to someone.
ok since, i can only hear one voice, it'd be stupid to be like girl:blah blah blah
girl:blah blah blah, so taken fer granted that the girl is doing all the talking. here goes:

arre! baba nahi nahi.
chalo gopi ko phone do. do na! gopi ko phone do na.
aare dimaag mat khao plz, gopi ko phone do.
(i assume gopi is someone whom she has the hots for)
gopi, mein tumse bahut naraaz hoon.
arey, kya matlab kyu?
kfnkf(some other gal, can't make out who) ne kaha tum usse pyar karte ho.
maine suna tha
dekho acting shacting mere saath math karo pleaz
nahi re, mein tujhse abhi bhi naraaz hoon.
mujhe bahut dukh deta hai tu.
(i realise i had to make a phone call too, as i have to tell my maid, i'd be returning after a while, so as i went over to the other booth, i got a glimpse of this mystery woman from the dark glass cubicle she was yapping in. aaaaaaaaaaah!, i dn't think anything more needs to be said)

for some strange reason, her conversation seems insipid, devoid of the myterious fog it once possesed( which was like 2 mins ago). ok we should not look at people from the dark cubicles from where they make secret phone calls to guys who cheat on them. man its so depressing. or maybe it was just the dark glass, that made her look the way she looks. but then it isnt my fault is it? is it? i didnt know what was in store for me, god damn her and her sexy misty voice.
anyways times up guys.
buh bye!



W00t! Sounds almost like the "Bar Girl" Act in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge.


oh yea. it all gels doesn't it?


oi how come you still aren't on my guestmap?


huh? i dunno


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