Sunday, October 23, 2005

pity, movies and cable

Sunday, October 23, 2005
i think pity sucks. i know of people who try to hurt themselves so that people will pity them. Or they try to say stuff that'd make the other person feel really speechless and awkward. why do people do this. whats the big deal about pity. why is it such a big deal. and then there are the ones, who scream at others who pity them but innerly they WANT others to pity them. now thats just quite bizzare isn't it?
one a different note, i was watching the movie lakeer the other day, twas coming on star one. the problem with commercial films is that they hype a lot bout the starting portion of the film, but by the time the first half and hour isover, you feel like puking. Man i hate movies with too many songs. something we forgot to learn while copying the hollywood. And this one film is peculiar for the reason that the first half of the film is like this huge medley with song after song every 2 minutes, its almost simple harmonic, And the second part, erm..well yes. you get the picture. The thing about John Abraham is that he just looks extremely scare, nevermind what role he's playing.I dont think that he could any other role except for driving really fast bikes, beating up really ugly men, and nailing really hot women( well mostly). but thats just for now, who knows, maybe in the future he do much better, coz thats whats expected from him.Anyways the movie director should be castrated and thats all about that.
moving on,i have decided to remove the cable connection of my tv for the next 5 months. I realise i am one distracted kid. so thats gotta stop if i have to do well in competitive exams, whose portion is just got me pretty screwd.
thought of the day:pick up lines like, "hey dya spit or swallow" ain't gonna getcha any.
and on that thought



screw me if i'm wrong, but havent we met before?

THAT works haha :P tried-n-accomplished

Lord of all Things

*agrees completely wid u* bugger commercials!!! unless it is avenger:*


lord of the things: avenger aint bad. yea.


Lakeer? IMDB tells me that it has Nauheed Cyrusi, God's gift to Vitreous Humor, Good, Good.


oh the girl you mean, personally i dont feel shez much of a looker.

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