Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday, April 30, 2006
Right so another one in the sack. Just came back from the examination centre after writing, probably the most important of all the competitive exams(realistically speaking) The All India Engineering Entrance Exam, aka AIEEE. The exam was good. The AIEEE had taken a leaf out of the the IIT book, by changing the pattern, well it was sort of innovative. The paper was easy actually, though not really easy, but comparatively easier than last few years, another indication that this one could have high scorers. The examination centre was OK-ISH. I think the exam council, not only AIEEE, even IIT and probably also EAMCET, have this unique way of alloting centres. What they do is, they note down our address, and keep that as centre of a circle of radius 20-25 kilometres draw a circle on the map of our city. And almost as though it was an unwritten law, mark a point on the CIRCUMFERENCE of this circle, thus alloting to us, our test venue. So far all my centres have been a one and a half hour journey from my house. The roads are narrow, the heat is incredible and the traffic is mindblowing.
Coming back to this year's AIEEE. The paper was easy like I said, but then this wasnt really tricky, pretty straightforward, unlike its sibling, the biggie-JEE. This had pretty strightforward questions, once you attempted it and knew the concept and got an answer, you could be assured that it was the correct answer, without having to think twice. I have made it a habit to mess up maths in every exam I write, and AIEEE was no exception.I did P and C really well but didnt have enugh time to really nail Maths, something which every 2 outta 3 serious aspirant must've done today.
At this juncture I'd like to announce my feelings towards the usage of ball pens or any pens during an exam. I SAY ITS BOGUS. But then its prolly just me, because this tactic doesnt work in my favor, atleast it didnt to some extent toay. I lost 12 marks because of marking the wrong option and later realising it, but it was too late to change anything then. But i guess, its all in the package of the exam, no use complaining about it. Que sera sera, what will happen ,will happen.


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