Friday, November 11, 2005

the clash between two monsters

Friday, November 11, 2005
The IIT-JEE coaching has become a nessecity if one wants to get into the campus.Narayana and FIITJEE are the two biggest names in the coaching industry, amidst all the hating and controversies these two institutions are still the most popular(brilliant is dying guys). I am associated with both since i recently enrolled for the FIITJEE one yr AITS(All India Test Series). I knew that these two rivals has no love for each other, but coz of that we students are to suffer. The difference in portion is unbelievable. I am almost studying upto 15 chapters at once nowadays.
so its inorganic chemistry, ist year chemistry, equilibriums, nuclear, mechanics(full), modern physics, ray optics(both wave and geo), organic(everything except carbohydrates and amino acids),entire calculus,permutation and combination, the binomial theorem- and all thyis needs to be done b4 20.
these narayana guys are damn smart, they know students will opt for FIITJEE aits than for Narayana AITS(look it even sounds cheap), so they have changed the teaching pattern, so that students are forced to shun FIITJEE in the back seat. Lets wait and see how it goes.
The next week or so is quite hectic for me, with exams and olympiads and shit. damn!
nov13-Weekly AIEEE exam
nov20-Fiitjee AITS
nov24-MTG's NSO
nov27:NSEC/NSEP(Nat standard exam in chem/phy, both on same day)
nov 27:narayana open test(this one i'll prolly miss)



oh...i feel for you. i can just envision myself in the same position in a few months' time.
oh, you must have your IIT-JEE in only a few weeks now, right?
best of luck.
(P.S.- why do youu say it's a better idea to take the FIIT-JEE AITS, over Narayana? Because I'm presently at Narayana and would like to know what to do about the test-series.)
Do get back to me.


Hey...i am also in Narayana....and i have been givin the aITS test seies....test papers are quite good!!

Wel...whatever rank you get in Aits,multiply it by a factor of 4 and that gives ur estimated rank in JEE exam!!!In last AITS, i scored 239 rank.

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