Monday, November 14, 2005

socks and machchar

Monday, November 14, 2005
my apartments has a great location. its in the heart of the city yet away from the main road and the heat of the traffic, quite unbelievable right, butt amazing isn't it? i know. so then, my room's balcony faces some ramakrishna tirth thingee, some devotional educational fusion builing, anyways what i mean is that my balcony has a lot of free space, and the air that i get is fresh and not suffocated, the real problem thought coz of this, comes in winter, when its soooo cold. I know my pals in North Amercia would be screaming "fuck you's" at me right now, since the cold here isnt anything like the ones in US, but then again, for my level its pretty harsh, so i've started wearing woolen socks in the house along with shorts, i dunt wanna wear trousers in the house, too crampy(try sitting with pants on for 8 hours on the chair in the house), but tis ok, cold i feel my toes and hands gettin cold only, surprisingly not the legs and face, weird eh? i know. so i went shopping the other day and got me self tons of socks and accessories. hope they last till the summer, since i plan to use them extensively.
also surprisingly there are no mosquitoes this season duno why, mebbe they all got AIDS, or got castrated, whateva, they're gone, xcept for the lone rangers that come once now or then. so yippe for that as well.
that's all fo now


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