Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the best comedy sit come eva....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Its a pity that so many people believe that FRIENDS is the funniset thing they eva saw on television. It's not true you know. It's just that they've got the hype, now that the crew is so popular and earning a million per episode. And plus FRIENDS aint all THAT funny either, its ok-ish. I'd rate Everybody luvs Raymond five notches above FRIENDS.
But thas not da point here. I believe that SEINFELD is the funniest show eva, and i mean THE funniest . I mean the tag-line should be enough to get you attracted to it."THE SHOW IS ABOUT NOTHING". The show began in the early 1990's, and jerry seinfeld and larry david's exquisite chemistry worked wonders. I dont even wanna go into the statistics and tell ya how many awards it got an stuff. Kramer, the fucking retard was jus amazing. Its funny how many people in India, i mean the ones who watch sitcoms arent aware of seinfeld. earlier it used to come on zee english(which apparently changed its name to zee cafe, in the words of maya sarabhai, so middleclass), now its being re-run on star world. i truly believe jerry's sense o humor is just brilliant, un paralleled yet. YET. The one on underwear, the one about jeering, the one where elaine speaks as a sexy whore into jerry's taperecorder, all those are just amazing. the episodes are actually so funny that you roll over laffing. the thing is that there are a lot of funny shows, but some how the general public doesnt want to appreciate them. take for example TITUS. not that was one seriously funny show, but it didnteven rum more than a year. it was freakishly different, its attitude, the recaps, zach. all were great. and to top it off, titus himself was marvellous, but the indian audiences didnt get him properly, they kicked his ass, seeti bajake.
what really pisses me off is that when people come up to me and say, hey didja watch full house, its so cute. CUTE? if you want cute, go to the nearby aunty's house, and watch her son for an hour drooling and crapping all over. agreed that full house is ok, but comparing it to the greats like seinfeld is just atrocious.
Ok i sound freaky and drugged now. dunno what came ova me. just had a row with a pal ova something similar. anyways, have a nice day yall






see, thats exactly what i'm tAlking bout!


oi, you exshited abt the new potter movie?


though i would say that i like friends i too sometimes feel it is overhyped.i find "will & grace" interesting.


engineer: exshited? right now no time watch it, will catch it on DVD laterz,

aindrila:yes it is overhyped. W and G is okish, the homosexuality just gets annoying after a while, but its hilarious at times.


my bad


naw man, not really, though i must admit, hermione does look hot now.

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