Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

As I picked up the three newspapers that we receive every sunday, i saw all three of them sporting almost identical headlines. "BIRD FLU REACHES INDIA". The only time I had heard of this earlier was on the OPRAH primetime advertisments. Over 50000 birds have died of the suspected bird flu in the last 15 days in the Maharashtra/Gujarat are. That's where its right now. Its affected the chickens in many of the 50 odd large poultry farms in the area. More bloodshed is to follow, coz apparently another 300,000 birds are gonna be slaughtered as a safety measure. They will be buried in deep pits. The cause is a H5NI avian flu virus. So people please becareful. The next time you visit McD or KFC, it could be your last meal. Nah i'm just messing with your heads. The virus apparently can't live at temperatures above 70 degress centigrade, and obviously we cook chicken or fry or bake whateva, at temp well over 100 deg. But don't eat chicken raw or uncooked, who knows... Posted by Picasa



yep... its everywhere... im a veggie... so im guessing im safe... but careful... :P


good for you. i'm planning to turn veggie for a while too.


Hey yo,

What up.. neat blog u got.. just wanna say that Manipal rocks like none other.. trust me you wont be upset when u get there...
have a nice day


thanks for dropping by.
i suppose you study there then?

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