Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006

the forms for manipal are out. their infrastructure is amazing. and so is the fee they are demanding, but it'll be like a back up option, incase the unthinkable happens. Posted by Picasa



I checked their site out, and I don't see Hi-speed Internet or even a megabit LAN on the list, All It says is that how gigantic the campus is. Any Ideas?


all i know is that they hand out laptops to everyone who joins.


hey guys I study in Manipal, and though I don't know about all the colleges, or what future plans MAHE has... we are certainly not handed out laptops free. We get broad band in our rooms, we pay for it...have i answered your question akhil? MAHE provides it only in the a/c rooms, bsnl has recently started for the non a/c rooms, guys hostels are generally behind with all this...

Rohan Cornelio

hmmm who told ya bout the free laptops??? i just completed the journalism course there and well wondsering if i'll get a laptop coz i'm applyin for a PG course there. all i can say is that the laptops aint free with a 30 thousand+ hike in the fees!! take care

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