Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006
The grammy's were yesterday. Many dissapointments. I got about half an hour of the show. But god it was mind blowing.
The most vivid memory is perhaps of one of the most defining moments in music history.
ROCK-RAP and Pop merge to form an incredible fusion. While Jay Z and Linkin Park were jamming and really rocking the place, in the middle of the song, the music changed completely, i was like wtf, wha's happening. Chester B started singing a slower number, and from the shadows came Sir Paul and started taking over the song, while jay z was adding hi jhatkas to the song.
Another performance that i thoroughly enjoyed was Kanye West. Man i just love this guy's music. He's incredible. I don't care about his anti-american feeling, or that he's black, he's just so cool. He came with an entire state band, which started marching, and drummin, and then the sounds came, and then the all familiar voice of Kanye saying, "I ain't sayin shes a gol' digger, but shez messin with no broke nigga"
man that was electrifying.
Perhaps the biggest dissapointment was mariah carey not winning enough grammys. Three. Just three. and allthose at a pre-televised ceremony. It was awful. Her music this year was sensational. I cant stop humming the tunes of Its like that and We belong together. She really deserved this one this time. But the one who beat her were prolly more iconic than her. true legends. Delivering again n again for over 2 decades. Make way for U2. 5 grammy's and sweeping the show with their charisma, due to their album's breathtaking success, and an even weirder name, "How to dismantle an Atomic Bomb", whose justification Bono gave yesterday, sayin it was after his dad. Other winners include, Green day, John Legend, kanye west, Linkin park n jayz, Kelly clarkson.
Another dissapointment was that no indian went home with the gold. Anoushka and ASHA, comprised of two-fifth of the entire nominations, yet they succumbed to some other bloke. And the monk didnt make it either.
But the NIGHT belonged to U2!



i didnt see that thing by lp!!! so wanted to...!!!
all i saw was u2 performing... u2 really deserved so many grammy's??
but yes... greenday won!!! yaaay!!!


i personally felt mariah carey deserved few more, but what heck U2 is ok too


mariah carey's alright. i'm kinda getting tired of her whining all the bloody time, so i think a grammy in her name was just fine ('cuz her songs play 24/7 on the radio - maybe she got the grammy for that lol who knows)


mez not tired of her yet tho, love "its like that", but its gr8 seeing her merge with hip hop and all.

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