Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006
So this is how it is. I have my boards, ya know THE boards in little more than 2 weeks. I have started preparaing for it now. I mean, I had learnt all the concepts in the IIT classes, but you know that is different from writing them down as a page long aswer for the board exam. It's because you should know where to draw the line, its like I can go on and on about Acid and Bases, but you should know what all to write, because if you write more than what's needed or something out of the text book, you end up losing marks.
The main challenge are the languages. Only serious muggers can do it all in less then a week. Mugging languages can be a real pain in the ass, writing down the answers on the paper 3 times, and then going on to the next one. That can be a real pain.
Guess what? I've finally stopped sleeping in the day, and am now like the average junta, who sleep in the night. The reason I think is not necessary to explain, as its obvious.
The other day I selected my BITSAT date, 20th May 4.30-7.30. Thats a really weird time slot. The best is the morning one you know from 8.30 to 11. But i preferred this one because I am a little bit cranky in the morning, but then the 4-7 one aint all that great either is it. Who likes to write an exam at 4. Thats like weird. But what the heck, an exam is an exam.
On other topics, I've been eating a lot lately, the "i am feeling like a loser" syndrome hits me everyonw and then, its really annoying, one second i am fine, and next i'm depressed, but i guess thats how its for everyone, so food is my stressbuster. I feel sex and food are the best stress busters, but since i aint getting any action, i have lots of food, though the non vegetarian intake has considerably reduced because of the obvious reasons.
My bro is obsessed with seding SMS's these days to my dad, dunno whats that all about.





I got 22nd Afternoon Slot.


yaay. good for you. btw why did you take afternoon slot, i mean are you sure the centre will be air conditionered?


It was ;-)


oh then the time doesnt really matter. great. i wasnt sure bout the ac thingee.


good luck dude.

i somehow prefer morn exams too... unfortunatly all of mine are in the aftrnoon or early evening.

i'll second the food 'n sex being the best stress busters.


hey good luck! break a leg :P

lol... ure is a great stressbuster... sigh... and its also timepass... when ure bored... u eat food :D


yea i know. i eat food even when i'm not bored. ladies and gentlement exhibit A.

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