Thursday, February 02, 2006

One night at The Waterside

Thursday, February 02, 2006
yesterday was my parent's 21st wedding anniversary.
we all decided to go to this restaurant, called the waterfront. the place overlooks the hussain sagar lake here in hyderabad, but once you are inside you look at the lake in a totally different way. it looks so spectacular and marvellous, probably 'coz there's no stink of the lake, and no periodic noise of cars whooshing by at 100 kmph.
The place has an odd rule. One is supposed to pay Rs. 350 per person when one enters. This money is reedemable for food inside, but its to ensure minimum billing of 350, so that guys dont just come in for a juice or somethying.
We sat down.
My bro was all sad and stuff coz i had called him an "ass" few hours ago (he's 8).
It was less than 3 minutes of us sitting, that one waiter comes and starts serving some chana-like stuff into our plates. my dad and me look at each other. He says, "It must be complimentary". "But I thought you get to decide what you redeem for the 350" I asked.
I let that rest. Now one more guy came, and started serving some sort of fried chicken, now this was unusual. My mom who is th inquisitive one was on the phone, so she didnt bother much. Suddenly from the background, i heard a whisper. "arrey aa table ladu ra, table no.36 bhe".
me and my dad burst out LOL. My lil bro however was enjoying the food. the other three of us, hadnt touched out plates. The waiter came and took out plates away( the 3 of us). we started laughing even more. Then after a while, my mom finished the call and asked us what happened, we told her. OMG it was soo funny, all these waiters running around, tell us how sorry they were and how it never happened. I just wished they did not fire the poor fella.
Now we ordered stuff, and my dad gave me lecture on how i was stepping into adulthood, how i should stay away from drugs and cigars. How i should limit my self to occasional social drinking and not become a drunkard like how it turns out often, how i shouldnt have sex right now(several people turned their heads, expecting something else). I had heard this before and me and mom had discussed this a long time ago. but still hearing dad talk about it was different, i was like "dad i know know, ya can trust me". he said" i do".
And then came our soups. It looked great, it was like a marsh filled with chicken. As i started to slurp it, something hit my nose. It was this really awful smell, somwhat like horses urine, or like the sea water. damn it was really bad. I told me dad to have a sniff. he didnt notice anything much. I didnt touch my soup for a while. then in a while came my dad's soup, he had ordered the same thing(he ordered it after we all did). after about 10 seconds, he yelled to me, this thing tastes like crap. And we returned the two bowls, and ordered something else, that DIDNT stink, but still i felt like suing the damn place. My mom told me , that true the smell was awful, but thats how it smelled in china and japan. I was like no way. She told me naw, thats how it is, when she had gone to japan, and singapore(i went to singapore as well), the soups had the similar aroma(aroma lol). She said this was sea weed water. eitherways i was disgusted.
Later i got to know that, this place The Waterside, didnt not entertain birthday parties, and social gatherings. why? because the owner wanted only fine dining ova here. Allowing it to the genral public(asit may happen during a party) will destroy this place's image. I found it a bit odd. I mean as long as the money is rlling in, all is good right.


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