Thursday, November 27, 2008

GTA Mumbai

Thursday, November 27, 2008
Sometime around midnight as I log on to twitter, I am bombarded with repeated tweets quoting stats and posting links.

Mumbai was under attack.

Media people are saying that this time the target were the elite and the foreigners. In reality, no one was spared. The terrorist which claim to belong to the Deccan Mujahideen outfit (as @Manuscrypts puts it :WTF is this? The IPL?) just stole a police van and started shooting everyone in their vicinity, and beyond.

We were flipping channels trying to see one graphic image after another. It's not really a matter of opinion here, it was pretty darn scary.

As my friend and I were discussing while sipping a hot cup of coffee at the all night canteen at my college; this is GTA Mumbai.

Additional fact: The maker of the Taj Mahal hotel committed suicide by jumping off the hotel when he found out that the hotel wasn't built in the direction he had intended it to be.


Atin Bhattacharya

Well it didn't exactly turn out to be GTA Mumbai. But then again, you knew that from the start. And still wrote this insensitive post.


well, i dont know whether it was in GTA or not, but it was in south mumbai i believe(as i heard on the tv channel online) and nicely written...
taht additional fact is like...whoaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! lol

Rishabh Kaul

@Atin: :)


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