Saturday, November 01, 2008

A myth busting ad campaign

Saturday, November 01, 2008

This seriously cracked me up. After I regained control over myself I was thinking that perhaps India too should come out strong with a similar campaign against the stereotypical views that some people in the west might be having about our nation.

But then there was also a little voice in my head which urged me to think otherwise. This was probably because deep down I knew that some of the stereotypical (just some) views about India were true. If a person were to confront me asking "Hey uh, is it true that there are like uh cows and buffaloes roaming near the entrance of the Taj Mahal?", I would smile and say yes, sometimes.

But keeping such instances aside, I would love to see some campaigns which through their viral nature can bust some of the stereotypical views that people have about India , so that, the next time a foreigner comes to India, he isn't startled looking at a Hard Rock Cafe here or people speaking fluent English.


Rohit Talwar

The Hard Rock here, though, needs to graduate to the REAL stuff other than giving away autographed Rock On guitars.

Rishabh Kaul

Haha. Haven't been to the Hard Rock Cafes in India yet. But I guess, they had no problem in disposing off with the guitars, it would ave had plenty of buyers :P


Nice pic, Speaks a lot,Nice post too..

Anantha Krishna

My sister was asked if there were really snake charmers and sanekes that go up vertically!!!

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