Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why I feel Yuvi is more attractive a cricketer then Sachin/Sehwag

Saturday, November 22, 2008

As far as the game is concerned,one of the main reasons why I’d rate Yuvraj as a more attractive batsman than say Sachin and Sehwag is because in essence Yuvraj is a finisher. Often, Yuvraj is the last man standing steering India to a decisive victory, saving it from the gallows by capitalizing during the slog overs. Quite the same reason why Klusener or Rhodes were considered more attractive than say Jacques Kallis or Gary Kirsten for South Africa. In the end it comes down to match winning abilities. Yuvraj drives some deliveries over cover, scoops one over long off and flicks one of point to win the match for India. I am not taking away any credit from Sachin, however he was considered rather selfish at times (at least in test cricket) by some. Maybe it were just the times, who knows. Yuvraj’s elegant stroke play, his knack of finding gaps combined with his herculean looks make him ideally suited to be admired not only in sporting circles, as well as the fan base, a substantial portion of which were women.

Another reason why Yuvraj is particularly more attractive than Sachin is because Yuvraj’s entry into the team was at a time when our team was going through a renaissance phase. A time when we proved to many that we could rise from the ashes of mediocrity. It was during this time that Yuvi rose to prominence, as a killer fielder, fielding with a sort of arrogance that made batsmen think twice before stealing a run.

Its tough to isolate our thoughts and compare how we felt about Sachin when we first saw him perform. Hence, a situation now comes to surface where Sachin is ageing and hence has lost most of his aggression and is more cautious and leading more of a hermit’s life where as Yuvraj is at his peak; scoring consecutive centuries and still spitting attitude where ever he trots.


vineet pandey

Lotsa Cricket Enthu eh! :)


Typical wanna be cricket fan who doesn't know much about cricket.

"Yuvraj’s entry into the team was at a time when our team was going through a renaissance phase"- When did Sachin make his mark in ODI. In the early 90's. What was India going through then? They were the dominant force in the mid-late 80's which you obviously didnt care to consider.

"Its tough to isolate our thoughts and compare how we felt about Sachin when we first saw him perform"

Go watch his first test match. Also watch his first ODI as opener in NZ. You really need to see more of the early Tendulkar before you make a comment about his entry into cricket. Very few cricketers have made better entries. (Oz tour of 1991) Watch the Perth innings and then comment.

Also you conveniently have forgotten about how Yuvi plays in SA/Aus/NZ where the ball bounces and swings a bit. His averages do all the talking. And we all saw how attractive Yuvi was at his tentative best on the bouncy pitches in Aus.

"In the end it comes down to match winning abilities." Yes and Sachin has none of those. At all! Forgot World cup? If you think Yuvi is the only one who scored a 100 and took 4 wickets, you are mistaken. Sachin has done that too! 141 and 4 wickets against AUSTRALIA in the Champions trophy!

Attractive is another thing and it depends on the role of the player. Look at the current team. Sehwag, Yuvraj, Raina, Yusuf , Gambhir. You think any of them have temperament? Someone has to play with some sense up his ass. Too bad the others CANT. But you can be rest assured Sachin can play like Yuvi but not vice verca

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