Friday, November 14, 2008

Play Ball

Friday, November 14, 2008
Minutes before a friend's birthday, where he would be subjected to the vilest of rituals, my wingie Yogesh had an interesting experience to narrate.

His teacher had a very innovative method punishing them while at school. She would make three children stand in a circle and slap each other in a clockwise (or anti clockwise) manner. As Yogesh explained it to me (and as you would have figured by now), this method went on fine till each student understood the dynamics of the situation and did not fall for the bait. Gentle nudges could never harm anyone.

It's when one of them fucked up.

To express anger at the gentlemen who slapped him earlier, the second guy would whack the third guy. And it'd be proper. This would set the wheels in motion at top notch speed.

Such innovation should be appreciated. From the teacher's point of view this is much better than throwing dusters and rulers at children and thus jeopardizing their career, instead why not let the students punish each other? After all, now the ball would be in the student's court. Now all that'd be left would be how
they'd play ball.


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