Friday, January 21, 2005


Friday, January 21, 2005
today's lunch break was surely weird. ok for the benfit of those who dunt really know, i eat my lunch at somedays its sunny n sumdays crap. today i got vada as well as a masala dosa9 ane comments on my appetite keep them with u r self). well, my good pal, sai ram, was helpin me finish..on his well thats the whole point..HIS EATING..i mean the way he eats..u just keep on staring at him..he takes the vada..dips the entire donut( well vada resembles the donut in dimensions duznt it? lol) in the coconut chutney..but i think DIPPIN is being rather tame..he SQUISHES it, MASHES IT..n all dat n b4 ya know it u r staring at the plate with u r chutney totally unrecognisable..n this not even the scary part..this is the scary part..he takes the whole vada n swallows the entire thingee..i mean its just so bizzare.n while doing so obviously we indians have the worst ettiquettes( i 4got the spelling guys pardon me).s part of the sambar, part of the curry part of the vada and other disgusting things which i believe are too gross to mention here are splattered all around n it looks like a bloody riot had taken place.ya know over food....but then sai ram is one heck of a guy..i have permanently named him "big guy"..n now thats becum his name..whteva..


Arcane Crapper

Vadas??? Massacred?? You have no idea... as of yet of the gruesome things that you will face later on in life. For instance, how would you like to have 4 idlis, 2 vadas, lotsa sambar and chutney all finely made into a paste and swallowed as a whole? That's gruesome... And BTW vectors is not tough at all. Just get to tensors, you'll see the fun.

Solar Guerilla

What's a masala dosa9 ?


hey solar..well i see tht ur not from around here..masala dosa is like this crisp pan cake sort of thing with mashed potatoes inside...


agreed ARCANE...vectors is actually fun!!!!
actually they started teachin us vectors in first i was awful at it..not i'm enjoyin every second of it..its rotation mechanics thats killing me now


rite, thats an entertaining account?? watever rishabh n rotational is fun, n no im better than this at practical criticism but its wasted on u!!

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