Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The day that was

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
i mean soo many events in the span of 4 hours is it possible? i wonder...
well let me start off from scratch. studied till early hours of obviously i woke up really late today..i think it was 3.30 PM..anyways..then studied for a while ( i mean i still have to write that IIT mains exam we're having tomorrow), and then there was this concept in organic chem that wasnt clearly given in the text,,so i logged on n blah blha n bro had to leave for b'lore at bout 5.45.
at 5.30 i realised i had to buy this book..Organic chemistry by arihant i hugged dad n bro n took my leave..reaching at the book store i get crazy al the time..all those wonderful books( no i',m not a nerd thank you..just love science) i got this one more book..reacton mechanism by PETER SYKES..damn cool book.
got home...6.45
got a phone call...6.46
twas dad from the secunderabad station sayin that he'd frgotton his laptop at home and that it was necessary for him to get it now..rite now..i was shocked ..i was like hey dude u have a conference bout sumthin , n all that sumthin is stored in u r laptop..if u've 4gotton the laptop..n what the hell did ya take wid ya..aneways i didnt actually say it to him..twas da rush hour..i jus took the thing n ran fer the aauto rickshaw..i told it to go reaaly realy fast ,, ya know like the wind n all tht crap..i just realised i was talkin to a 60 year dude who cud barely hear me..but boy was i wrong..he was shit fast.. i mean this guy cud make things shitty it started ppouring...
ooh i forgot..
its like this..secunderabd and kachegude stattion are sumthing like nizammudin and New delhi..and dad was at sec' bad i had to make it to like 15 mins..kacheguda is like 10 kims from my home...on myway i came across a major red light no i dunt mean porn and all tht..just a cross road with a huge red light signal..anyways i looked around n it was pouring like hell and there were three shops in a row which my eyes struk upon.... gay lord hair dressers..gaylord auto and spare parts and GAYLORD cafe ( remember the fockers)..FUCK MAN! this is not the time for all this shit..i m in da middle of sumthin here i need to reach the station quite neva happns otherwise0 i ran like a maniac wid the laptop n saw a coolie..he told me the train had left...i was walkin back..suddeny i saw me dad..i bro was there too...he saw me..gave ame a sad smile sayin , " son, i screwd up big time"...anyways we went to the railway office..thankfully everything went well , orso we thought..we got another train after half n got 70% refund9 hey c'mion sumthin is betta than nothing, brother stopped whining..i was hungry..ate a lot..twas 8.20...dadz train at 8.40..we say bye byes n all tht..n i rush towards the exit..i am inches from the door..this man pops up.. EXCUSE ME SIR? CAN I SEE YOUR STATION TICKET?
SHIT MAN how cud i forget..he looked at me i gave him a valid reason for my fucked up blunder..but they neva listen these chums, do i got taken to the station manager..n he bluntky asked me, "chal 270 nikal"
"sir, fine, didnt get theticket you have to bear the consequences"
"oh what the hell man..i promise i wunt do it again"
"no..i'm sorry sir"

aneways i took the bloke to my dad's fake pleading n " i think he has learnt his lesson speech" didnt work either...but the guy was like i can lessen the pain.. "oh he's the god sent saviour..tat bastard!"...and he says he was just doing his job..anyways we ended up paying a hundred bucks which prolly ended up in his pocket because he didnt give me no receipt( much against the like of my dad)..yeah right ya wanna bribe and act lawfull?
anyways..then i took the intercity train back to home..n now i have tons to study for tomorrow's test..need to finish diffrentation. strereo isomerism, viscosity, elasticity ...chalo i'm signin off now...byeeeeeee



ya, so some day huh??
neways me havin a great time sorta lazy to actually rite mah own blog or as varun calls it blo(W)g. btw did u end up studyin nething?? me havin a ball here...

Este Miseria

uhm...well this is my first visit far so good :D


hello, see i came! not bad, not bad at all...some helluva day u had huh? ah well, at least ull ALWAYS buy a station ticket now eh?


well thank keep visiting..and bout the station ticket..i always did buy..only that this time i was in real hurry n the damn station ticket was the last thing on me mind...damn that station officer

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