Sunday, January 09, 2005

top 7

Sunday, January 09, 2005
after a lot, i mean a lot..n i mean A LOT of thinkin n eenie meenie mynie moes n scribbin on paper i've finally made my list of the top 7 movies which i can bare to watch twice ) since most of them bore me b4 the intermission)
No. 1 on the list is....
FORREST i know may ppl who dunt like the movie..say its too long...but then its soooo good. i mean it has everythin,,tom hanks has this fuckin ability to turn everythin his way....i dunt think ane thing he acts in ever crashes at the box office. i jus loved tha movie toooooo much...have watched it5 times already frm end to end..
fav dialogue: (hanks mom), life is like a box of chocolates you neva know what u'll end up gettin.
and the ever famous,(tom hanks) hello, my name is forrest gump, people call me forrest gump
Lord of the rings
yea all three parts..i mean its not half as good as the book ( they neva are0 but then what tyhe hell..its worth seein twice...too good...i mean the effects alone made it a gr8 the incrediblestory, i mean it makes harry potter look like crap.

yep theres a tie..the will smith n the ben aflect hits both jus made me jump to me feet....2 incredible sci fi thriller..armageddon being an inch betta tan independence,..have seen IDAY 5 times and armageddon thrce

the godfather... this is the real shit...just toooooo god...both part one nad part 2..i know its weird but havnt seen part 3 yet..deniro n pacino rock

No. 5
yea another of deniro 's flicks
i mean the movie's got heard..just tooooooo damn good
cuba goodin junior is jus coooool i mean gr8 actin jus beyod words..i dunno what more to say

No. 6
is there anethig to say bout this stuff..i mean it'd jus be always less..gladiator is jus toooooo good man..i didnt like it the first time i saw it..but then next time i jus fell in love with the moive..hjave seen it 5 times then
best dialoge: you have a gr8 name, they'd have to kill your name b4 they kill you, and
crowe: i'm maximus ,husband to a dead wife, father to a dead son, and i WILL have my revenge

dude wheres my car
ok ok i know u ppl r thinkin this is supposed to be suthin legendary so hows this shit got in here..but i jus like it..if ya dunt go make u r own list..the movie was THE...I REPEAT..THE FUNNIEST movie i have eva seen..its just soooo funny..ashton kutcher..u da man brothah!!!!

ah am bored of this by i'll stop....gotta finish sums frm IRODOVNAMAHA!!!!!
here's rishabh signin offf



I agree with most movies. Not on the ratings. I do not think Gladiator deserves to be on the list. Forrest Gump can be around 3 if u ask me.
As for controversy, nah.. not in the mood.


heyyyy!!!!! gladiator rocks!!!!!! what dya got against it..except fer the gay sister or joquain pheonix.?


i totally agree with u bro... Gladiator does deserve a chance to be on the list.... and dude u forgot The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... how can u not like such a movie and movies like The Terminal... I bet u r gonna like The Terminal in case u didnt see it yet!!

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