Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hyderabad, is away from the sea. It has Hussain Sagar at its heart, which isnt exactly a water body. Hyderabad's weather has had a major change in the last 72 hours. Couple of days ago it was fine. Like, this sunday, I had my IITJEE, and it was scorching hot-41 degrees, 42 degrees, and climbing steeply, thats hyderabad in summers. Its hard to go out in the afternoon. However the last 2-3 days have been different. The days have been hot as usual, with me feeling like baked cake, thanks to this nest I have on my head, which also weighs a Ton. But, once the sun goes to slumber, the weather takes a major U-turn. Its as though the weather gods are having rave parties everyday. Thunderstorms for the last 3 nighs, and one going on as I type this entry. The thunder too is louder then most thunder's hyderabad has witnessed, and it actually feels that some gods are farting upon us, as though trying to tell me, "Listen Kid you already have enough on your mind, with all these exams, I'm sure a little thunder and lightning wont break your spirit."
Yes sir, thunder wont. However, power cuts will. Especially long power cuts in the afternoon, while the heat is burning my butt. The power cuts are like an added attraction this summer, as if summer wasnt bad enough. The power cuts last anything from a few milliseconds to few hours. Thankfully, we havnt had any of hose in the last 2 days. I hope some at the power department, whipped the asses of those dudes who were messing around with the power transmission to my area. Anyways, lets hope peace lasts.
As of now, the thunderstom is still going on, and its raining. I love standing outside in my balcony, with a cup of coffee at 2 AM while the rain drizzles onto my face. Posted by Picasa



aww @ "I love standing outside in my balcony, with a cup of coffee at 2 AM while the rain drizzles onto my face."


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