Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday, April 28, 2006
I wanted to be a writer. Wanted to get into journalism, write a best seller, yeah all that. I was almost certain to go that way. I used to write articles, stories, take part in literary competitions and so on. It was all good. Untill the following summer. The IIT-JEE bug was fed into my head. It was stuffed deep into my head, and no body let me shit it out of my body.
Summer came and went. I decided I still want to write but will come to a halt for these 2 years. Prepare to get in IIT, then will get back to writing. How gullible was I?
Anyways, everyone were dissapointed, my teachers, my friends were shocked, "Abhe tu engineering karega bhe? You are better than that, go do your thing." "I'll do my thing after 2 years" I'd tell them. 2 years have changed me. My vocabulary has been screwd, I've stopped reading novels for almost a year now.(C'mon, One night at call centre isnt a novel now is it?).
I think it has something to do with the sort of company I was in. Uptill school, it was good. But in 11th and 12th, I was surrounded by these guys who had only IIT on their mind, and nothing else. Well when you stay with drug addicts, you become an addict you're self, similarly, staying with them, I started to talk like them, Hyderabadi hindi mixed with Telugu started to take over my English. My sentences would now comprise of 3 and a half languages. And the number of swear words in my lingo too increased at a rapid pace. The internet didnt help me much either. Blogging and chatting has increased my usage of SMS style language. The otherday, on ORKUT, I met this guy, and told him "btw", he asked me what had I just told him. I took it for granted that a 19 year old dude should know what BTW is. But then, it was just me. I realised, the fault was within me.
Rap music didnt help my english either. I mean how do you expect a person to speak and write better english when all they hear day and night is "They is treating us right, We was chilling and shit". All this began to take its toll on me, I would actually use words such as "ain't" or "wassup" in my english paper, and I began realising that no man, something has to be done.
I've decided, after the exams, I mean once all these competitives are over, amongst the long list of things I've to do, READING must take top priority along with losing weight. I'm going to sink myself into hard core literature by Ayn Rand, Salman Rushdie, Khalil Gibran and the likes. Though I will still listen to rap music.



i'll tell ya frm experience.
reading is above all.
grades/IIT etc all, will make u a career, but reading is what makes u smart. damn smart!

and i btw am a writer and a chemical n biomolecular engineerin students at one of the best univs in asia!!


and if u ever want a reading 'recommednation'... i'll be glad to give u some good books!


Hey! I'm in 12th too and the IIT bug caught me 2 but the bug often goes to sleep..ha ha

Hakuna Matata!


aesa: agreed. agreed, and agreed.

aesa: sure.

vega: dunt worry, the new pattern is u r friend. it'll allow you to rest more and study less.

Just another Blogger

e chhas ba godnyukh koshur vuchhan blog worldus manz!!!
saaree koshur chhe engg hi karaan.. tch chha na exception kainh. Btw b chhus economics hons karaan-- akh subject zyad chhu na karaan. temin chha basaan engg hi chuk saarni khot jaan career... agreed???


that took me some time to write... twisted my tongue quite a bit!! I am not too sure how much of it would you actually understand:P Anyways, nice blog, and yeah good luck with your remaining entrance exams & your reading too! :)


yeah, thats the problem with engg, u r one amognst the crowd. hope i get into writing/journalism later. something like sandipan deb. you know him?


heyya! yea i know what you mean!! the SMS language has taken over everywhere...i used to make those mistakes in my papers too!! i almost stopped reading in 11th and 12th...but i never really wanted to do medical so i used to read a few books! i dont wanna do BSc was all the peer pressure that got to me... people have talked about how commerce and arts is for the not-so-brainy ones and now i know thats shit..! im changing courses too this year...ive had enough of science... its just not what i wanna do! joining BA journalism and i dunno how ur parents think but i was given the cold shoulder when i asked my 'rents!! im being yelled at even today for what ive done! get these lectures about how BA is crap! anyway good luck for ur results!! and yes... READ!!! i think i moved away from the point there...


yaaaaaay for you. i wanted to do journalism. might still shift over to it laters, maybe in the distant future. about my parets, they actually wanted me to get into arts and literature, and told me screw engg, coz i'm not good enuf for it. so you could say they pressurised me NOT to get into engg.


u wanted to do journalism?! i wanted to include dis but i happily forgot to tell u...if ure good at writing why do u want to become a journalist?!?! u could become a writer!!! and ure mighty lucky dat ur 'rents asked you to do arts!! people can be so biased at times!!

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