Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Much Awaited Sequel

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aiite people. This is it. Titanic 2. Jack's Back. This is just too hilarious.You'd end up farting and laughing.The credit for this goes to Mr Derek Johnson. His website is and his email address is



man! you gotta be kiddin me!!

what will jack do?? just keep running ???


**dimond finder
**two the surface


wonder what would be the reaction of james cameron after watching this



you've GOT to be kidding me! hahaha is this for real? if it is... damn. what a mockery.


archie:he's new to NYC, he'd prolly try to get laid first, and then try to draw,and become a refugee. hahaha

engineer: yo, ofcourse it aint real. didnt you notice the clips from Con Air, Hulk and The Beach in this clip. Its made by this Derek Johnson dude, but i'm impressed. He has made it really well.

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