Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006
OMG, I've got to tell this to someone. Thought might as well share it here in my space. Ok this came in the newspaper somedays back, The municipal corporation of Hyderabad (MCH) has enforced this law, that if it catches anyone urinating on public property such as walls, or roads, they will tranport the guy 5 kilometres from his current location at the time of downloading.
I found this rather amusing. It was funny because, Hyderabad authorities are trying to make the city something like Singapore, ok thats an unforgivable comparison, but what the heck.
The thing is this "punishment" can sometimes work out in the guilty's favor. But the probability of that happening is quite negligible.
Now to the more funny part. Imagine, the person who is urinating has parked his vehicle, say a scooter next to him, and this municipal van comes and takes the guy away. The guy says, Hey I have my scooter over here, how will I come back if you leave me 5 Kms from here. The MCH guys would say, We dont really give a crap. Then this guy would be like, ok why dont you give my scooter a lift too.
Now whats going to happen is that, such a rule being implemented in Hyderbad isnt all that smart. The reason being Hyderabad has 6 million people. That is on an average 3 million leaks (considering the women folk dont urinate in public, which is actually not entirely true), so the chances of catching more then one person urinating at a spot is likely. Now it'll be rather amusing for the people to see that 10 guys are being taken in an MCH van, and being dumped on a main road. And the 10 guys have no clue as to what jus happened.
Another funny incident that could take place is if the van that is on its way dropping people 5 Kms away from their "Crime Scene", gets stck in traffic. Thats gonna be wicked man. Just picture that these, all they did was take a leak, and now they have to spend half an hour in a van stuck in a traffic jam, and then gettin dropped 5 km away. Man thats just so funny. And just so that we're on the same wavelength, A mans gotta go when a man's gotta go. Though I agree that a women has also gotta go when she has gotta go too.



ha ha... dats a rule now?! dats a pretty weird rule!! but i thot the chandrababu govt was the one trying to make it like "singapore" ... didnt know dis guy was trying to too!! dat rules not gna work! but i really think something oughta be done about that though!! its pretty disgusting! as long as d man wants to piss in public hes gna!! hes d one whos gotta change!

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