Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006
Last year, I had gone to B'lore to spend 2 weeks with my many cousins, uncles, aunties etc etc. One such uncle and aunt(masu and masi) had to attend a corporate party, and asked me to accompany them. I told them I'd feel bored and left out there. PLus corporate parties is just major ass-kissing playgrounds, what would i do there?
My uncle told me, this bloke is different, and he isnt you're average businessman.
"Who is he?"
"He is a brand maker/promoter"
"Oh you mean like Prahlad Kakkar"
"Not so much into Ads as Mr Kakkar"

I went along anyways.
It was like a rave party man. 16 year olds at these parties are like little puppy's with their tongues hanging.
And this guy is pretty cool. He's damn creative too. Apparently their board room, where they have their meetings is a huge open space in the building with few steps, you sit there and discuss.
I had to take a leak, I went to the toilets, though nothing was mentioned I clearly understood which door to take.
It was something like this...

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and this is btw my 100th post.



haha creative it is fo sho. congratulations on hitting the 100th post.


likd the loo doors....kool yu showed em to us... ;-P

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