Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006
After my last exam, I was left with 2 months of holidays, and considering that I already had 2 months of hols before that, I started getting irritated, and decided to make better use of my time rather than spend hours endlessly on Orkut.
I had always wanted to join a driving school. The course is for 150 Kilometres, where they teach you the basics, and other automobile related stuff like repairing and mechanical works etc.
You know relativity is an interesting concept. It makes you feel good about yourself. I thought I was a bad driver. I [i]thought[/i]. But in reality I am not. I'm pretty good considering I'm done with only 60 km's of driving. Except the reverse gear, I seem to be doing well in everything else. But the other guys, oh my god THEY DO SUCK! Ok now you know that modesty is'nt one of my virtues. But seriously, in my driving class, there's this dude who lives right next to South semi-Mega star Nagarjuna. And apparently he's been taking the classes for the last one month, and he still is pretty bad. Can't start the damn thing properly without n jerks.
So far I've driven only the Maruti 800, hopefull will practice in my Santro now.
The driving school is about 8 Kms from my house. I have to wake up at 6.20, reach the place by 7. By 7.05 the class starts and by 7.55 it ends. Generally I drive 8-9 Kms everyday. And this includes heavy traffic(look a little traffic on a small street is like heavy traffic isnt it?), totally empty roads and other gullies. So its fun. The teachers arent much older than I am, most of them in early twenties. Pakka hyderabdies. Fun guys to be with. They whistle at girls, when the girls block the car , saying "Madam, please hat jaayiye, yahan par pose wose nahi karne ka, kya?"
The ride back home is quite fun too. I take a bus till a point that is 1 km from my house, then its upto me, I can either walk on the railway tracks when I'm in the mood, or take an auto.
Some times the bus doesnt come for a long while (you see I hate waiting. I am not the guy who prefers patience. If I had to wait 3 years to go to heaven, or prefer Hell this instant, I'd go for satan), I take a share auto. People in India are familiar with share auto's. These are regular auto's, just that many passengers can be accomodated who are going to a common destination. Its much more cheaper(simple division). The auto wallah earns more this way, and the passengers Feel they are getting a great bargain. So both parties are happy.
Now for the people who are familiar with SHARE auto's and and have been in them, I have a question to ask, Whats the maximum number of people you've seen in them? I've seen 5 sittng in the back, and 4 in the front including the driver, so that makes it 9. Today's auto ride had 8, which is also a large number. I was in the front seat. Now there was one dude sitting next to me(he's sort of a pal of the auto wallah or so it seems), and the other dude is the autowallah himself. I am big. I need my space. I feel unforcomfy when I'm denied that pleasure. I was sitting in an awkward position. So i had to hold on to something. I saw some sort of rod and i grasped it. Now there were two things one could do. Either grasp it with ease, in which case my hand would be tightly sqeezed between the rod and the other dude's buttocks, or twist my hand the cling on the other side, which let me tell you is extemely painful. I chose pain.

I plan to post more regularly from now on....



im gonna learn driving too.....

vijaya chandra

9 seems to be too small a number :p
guess 'd seen a lot more space efficient ones (12-13 types) from mehdipatnam towards gachibowli
i guess the count stopped at that due to non-availability of commuting junta and not due to lack of space ;)


trinity: good for u

vijaya:u r sayin 12-13 in a normal 4 seater autoand not the 7 seater one?????? for real? WTF


heya...yeah u rite...wastin a bloody whole lotta tym on orkut but who isnt!!newayz WTF???9 ppl in/on/watever 1 auto!!!gosh!!!i prefer walkin!!nd nice u learnin drivin...evn i wanna learnnnn :((...but dad isnt allowin 2 touch da scooty tho door ki baat!!!

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