Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

this is my latest crush. i finally get a cell after 4 years of begging!!!! Posted by Picasa



AC here..... great phone dude. keep it safe from buri nazars. but esp from seniors.
it'll be better if you take your mom's phone to pilani instead of this piece of bling


yea i've been told by many to do that. and now i'm seriously considering that as an option, atleast for the 1st semester.


sweet phone... i'm jealous. but does it open with a flip like mine does? :P jk hope summer's going great !


i hate cellphones


lucky still stuck with a nokia 2100 :(


@engineer: no it doesnt open like a flip phone, but it plays movies and has a great camera. and summer is sorta boring, i have a 4 month holiday

@anony:well i dont hate them. i am sorta indifferent to them.

@trinity: i had to wait for 4 years for my first phone. so have patience

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