Friday, June 16, 2006


Friday, June 16, 2006

Right so this is a rage now-da-days. This movie is being talked about every where. Let me make it obvious as to how this review is going to be.
I didnt like the movie. So if you want to continue, please do so at your own will.

Gangster-A love Story, is a Mahesh Butt directed movie, which thrives on the "A love story" part. It is supposed to be humane and touching and is supposed to be a different view of the gangster's love life,from the gangster's lovers perspective.
The gangster is Shiney Ahuja. He's a cute looking chap, who doesnt really look like the most ferocious person you've ever met. But now I think you people will be saying that new age killers ARENT supposed to look like killers. Agreed. But he behaves like a guy who just got out of coma. He's gotta be like the DULLEST gangster ever. He doesn't talk much. Just stares, cries, testifies and bascially does shit that pisses you off.
The lead heroine is some other bitch who has pissed EVERYBODY with her poor dialogue delivery and "I'm-a-confused-person-who-is-on-drugs" attitude. Her problem is that she can't stop drinking an bitching about her dead her life is coz she loved a gangster. So she bascially goes on and on about how HER dreams weren't fulfilled, how SHE wasnt given the freedom she wanted, HER HER HER, and I guess that sorta says it all.
Now we have the Emraan Hashmi aka Bollywood pimp. This dude's sole aim in bollywood is to make young girls who know they can't act shit, lose their on-screen virginity. I'm sorry that Emraan has become a stereotypical womaniser no matter what role he playes.

Acha so the story is this, girl loves gangster. Gangster has to do gang work(which is never shown in the movie), girl become an alcoholic because her son is killed in an encounter. Now the interesting thing about this gangster is that he's charming and immensely romantic. He's not your average "I wanna nail you" sleaze ball. This guy has feelings, and respects this girl and doesnt have sex with her (perhaps for the entire movie), the child incase you were wondering, was adopted. Man this guy just doesnt fit to be a gangster.
Meanwhile, this girl starts finding great friendsship with Emraan Hashmi who is a singer in some bar whose name I dont really remember. So now this girl is an alcoholic and turs up at emraan's house in the wee hours of the morning almost nude, asking for whisky. You think this is freaky?
She finds him really nice and is attracted by him, and well the obvious happens, Hashmi goes to bed with her.
Now we can't have one guy screwing around with another man's wife, that too a world class gangster, and the gangster just being ignorant. So this gangster dude finds out and beats the crap out of our romeo, and the girl takes hashmi's side(yawn). Now our gangster dude, cries and beggs her to take her back. So now we know this gangster has no self esteem and that he has major comittment issues. He's sort of a metro-sexual gangster in an obscure way.
So, now gangster has a shift of heart, and decides to quit doing his black business, and the in the movie this is portrayed as something which is as easy as breaking a kit-kat into 2 pieces.
So now our gangster who used to earn millions by killing others now does physical hard labor and gets few currency notes. What a waste of talent.
Now they decide to leave Korea and go back to India, for which gangster promises the girl that he has to get fake passports or else police will get them busted. While doing so, he meets the don, who is infact his grandpa, but much more eveil(Gulshan Grover), he goes on and on about how the girl has distracted this prodigy, and now the gangster must be killed and the girl abused by his men sexually. Well gangster is smart, he kills grover instead *surprise surprise*
Meanwhile, the girl somehow meets hashmi and confesses that she is pregnant. Hasmi acts like the perfect gentleman and tells her to turn gangster in marry him instead(how convenient), because he can take better care of the baby.Now the dumb bitch is utterly confused because hasmi is messing with her brain. She stops thinking.
Acha now comes and interesting scene. She is waiting at seoul station, and waits and waits and finally gangster comes, all bruised and battered like a war hero. He is nearly 100 metres in front of her. He slips and starts falling off the steps, she starts running towards. He fall on a surface. She stops too. Now he again starts slipping down further more stairs, and she continues her jogging till he stops moving. So bascially what we have here is a mathematical function known as "When he fall, she run"
So after a long time, they connect and guess what? A million police vehicles arrive and gangster is super pissed and super surprised, he doesnt say one word, screams a lot though. Oh the betrayal. But apparently the girl did this to SET HIM FREE. *snorts*, Yeah right.
So now she goes to Hashmi, who infact turns out to be a police officer who used her. He indirectly confesses that she sucks in the bed and that he was doing his nation a favor and comitting a personal sacrifice by having sex with this girl(what a strange thing to say for a pimp).
She is shocked. She is angry She takes a gun and kills emraan hasmi, not before he takes a gun and shoots her shoulder. Hashmi dies. Meanwhile girl gets a letter from gangster who is in jail saying that "He understod what she did and doesnt blame her. He knos she was tricked". I tell you people, this guy is too sweet to be a gangster. TOO sweet. He's got to have an alter ego, because this man is too much of a pussy to kill kids and women mercilessly.
RIGHT! Now the girl and the gangster have an instant connection and she understands him. She goes to the top of the hospital in which she is admitted, screams a little bit and jumps from the 20th floor at the same instant this gangster guy is hung. Talk about timing.
The last seen is copied from Gladiator, withonly the roles reversed. Here the girl enters the field(supposedly heaven) with the gangster and kid laughing out loud and well the movie ends.
I didnt like the movie.
However it has a great soundtrack Honestly. The songs are amazingly sung with great back groud scores like all Mahesh Butt movies. Its an addictive album. Ya ali, tuhi shab hai are one of the best hindi songs I've heard this year. Here's the remixed version of Tuhi Shab hai.



the film is directed by anurag basu not mahesh "butt"... lolz.. anyway i was planning to watch this film soon, anyway i hated fanaa and phir hera pheri.


mohit bhai, thanks man, what would i do without you, i 'll send my next reviews to you for verification. :)


This is such a nice and funny review...

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