Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So we waited there for a while.
And a new tension took birth. There was sweat trickling down my face, and I was really and utterly confused, because I didnt know which branch I wanted. There was everything except CSE and ECE. There are those who since the age of 6 know that they wanna grow up and end up in VLSI designing, where as I'm almost 18 and still have no idea what branch I'd want. So I called my "partner-in-crime" Aayan and Hyderabad, and asked for his advice, and he told me to go with EEE. It was like KBC man. Anyways, it was my turn finally, and I was to go to the stage and submit my documents. The dude over there, probably some faculty member started giggling as though I was the most ridiculou thing he saw, and asked me (in a stupid manner that reminded of Crabbe and Goyle), "Are you a boy or a girl?", "Sir I have a beard, so why don't you guess that?"
"No No from behind ugh you ha ha ugh look like ugh girl only no?"
If there was ever a facial expression for FucK yOU, I wish I knew it.
So anyways, I had to wait for another 20 minutes, before some 10 of us were taken into an AC room, with 10 computers and guys behind them. This was supposed to be the ACTUAL counselling. The word counselling is sort of misleading. One expects the people to counsel you on the various branches and scopes and past records and stuff, but counselling here has an entire different meaning. Counselling is, going to the comp guy, telling him you're DOB and the branch you want.I was realy really confused man. The main worry was between Mechanical and Electrical, I closed my eyes and tried to recollect the first formula that came to my mind in physics, it was the basic V=IR. So I took EEE. Now please please please dont EVER select a branch this way. I did it because I didnt know what I wanted. You people are smart, you should know better. And then talk to the "so-called" finance dude, who was looking like a jovial drunkard(but nice guy).
After that we had to decide on the hostel room. Got to know that the only rooms availible were the 4 bedded and the 6 bedded rooms. Look Narayana had given me enough homosexuality around me, now I am not implying that homosexuality is bad, or that all men are gay, or that 6 men in a room HAVE to become gay, but then 6 dudes in a room for 4 years is killing. However, I supposed one can change the room after months from the beginning of courses. Atleast thats what was being told to us.
Bas, thats about it, left the campus, came to the hotel, slept for an hour, saw School of Rock. Our train got delayed by 2 hours, so we decided to travel back to vellore city, since we hardly had any luggage with us. I wanted to visit a net cafe. My told me there was one near CMC, so we went through the CMC campus, its ok, like a regular hospital, maybe its better from the inside. While I was walking under a tree, some fluid-gel fell on my head. And it was stinking. OH CRAP! Man I was super pissed, I dint know what to do, I got most of it off my head. Then i went to the nearest store, got a napking, cleaned my head like a zillion times, didnt want to wash my head, coz otherwise the goo would spread over my face. And that would suck big time. Anyways, went to the cafe, ate something there, and came back to the station. Got to know from some other dudes that EEE is the toughest branch(the others who knew ppl at Vit), but by then twas too late so whatever.

Anyways that was the past. I'm happy to announce that I'm not going to go to VIT.
Thats done, the 10000 is gone but thats ok too. So I guess thats that. Posted by Picasa



I personally feel that you made a good decision.
Cheers !

mohit verma

im glad i dint write viteee...cant imagine myself living with 5 of my own sex for 4 years...!!!


i lived there for one yr.. it is one fucked up place..
they fool u with all the nice campus pics/ the place is terrible!
glad u not goin there

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