Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006
I'm in love with guitar solos.
I've been endlessly downloading all the top guitar solos from Limewire.
There is this list of 100 greatest guitar solos. I wasnt aware of any such list in the beginning. Then one day my pal downloaded some songs onto my comp from his I-POD(which he was showing off). It was among them that I head of this song Three Days by Jane's Addiction, the guitarist being Dave Navarro. He is the same weird looking person who was shown sitting with INXS during Rockstar:INXS.
It was quite a long song,as guitar solos are supposed to be(which I found out later). It was close to 10 mins. The first time I heard it, I wasnt thrilled or anything, probably didnt even notice it, since it was on a playlist which had about 100 songs. So my first encounter with it wasnt all that great. But after a while I started feeling its presence, and though at that time I didnt know who Jane's Addiction or who Dave Navarro was, I started liking the song. The song is featured at number 100 on the 100 greatest solos list. Though now I think it should've been higher.
It has this mesmerising feel to it, that makes you want to go through those entire 10 minutus without changing the song. Generallly in guitar solos, the trend is that the song goes on for most of the time,and towards the end, the guitarist takes over and ends the song with the guitar solo. In this one, its different, after a short span, you have long guitar solos every now and then. I just love that.
So after listening to that I started going through the list. Topping it is the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven". Now I've been told by many of my pals that this is one of the best songs ever, and its probably one of the MOST requested songs on radio. I agree its quite good, but somehow I dont hail it as MY FAVORITE. I dont like it THAT much. Its pretty good too.
At number 4 in the list is Pink Floyds Comfortably Numb. Now this song I'm crazy about. Its simply spellbinding. I've never heard guitars played that way. Its simple awesome. I still feel Pink Floyd is overrated, and didnt really like much of their music earlier(probably hadnt heard much of then), but after listening to this, I started giving them more of my attention. Some other songs which I've heard from that list amongst others and I've liked are
6.November Rain(slash)-GnR{slash is my fav. guitarist)
7.One(kirk hammett)-Metallica
13.Texas Flood-stevie ray vaughn
22. sultans of swing(knopler)-dire straits
26.Smells like teen spirit(cobain)-Nirvana{its still one of the BEST songs ever according to me)
37.Sweet child of mine(slash)-GnR(it has one of the best starting guitars ever)
44.Alive(mike mccready)-Pearl Jam
48.Sympathy for the Devil(keith richards)-The Rolling Stones
61.No more tears(zack wylide)-Ozzy
80.You shook me all night(angus young)-AC/DC



thanx rishabh , i jus love guitar solos.
you must be wondering who i am. i'm jus one of yur invisible classmates in bhavans.


dude i know you man. u are amu's cousin right?

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