Sunday, February 06, 2005

err i dunn

Sunday, February 06, 2005
well i have made up my mind....
its official..i'm going to try to stop using the auto rickshaw almoist completely and try to use the city bus and the inter-city train as much as possible...its quite funny actually, becoz i used to travel a lot by the bus..this was in my 7,8,9,10 grades..when i used to attend cricket coachin which was next to my school, which btw was 9 kilometres from my place and ofcourse cricket practice would start by dawn coz in the morning we'd have the i had to be at the ground by 5.oo...yea nothin cud be mom'd drop me off then..but then after the) and then go back home in the bus was fun..great fun. i always had this notion that going in the city bus wud be fun only if one had company...because that really makes city bus travelling worth after tenth boards..i had joined this crash course for all these instituions which would provide me with JEE coaching for the next 2 years of my life. so my best pal and i went to the same crash course..unfortunately we are in different coachin centres now. n while coming back we'd have great fun.i was the wacky one where as , it was his job to tell me " rishabh behave u asshole. ur in public", my standard reply being a simple " screw you." people would stare at us....think we're psychos..but what the fuck we had fun.( btw these are two totally straight female loving dudes...incase u r eye brows were being raised)
but then after that i didnt really use the bus much often...part of the reason being my present school being close to my place so i can afford to go in an auto daily...but then something happened my cricketing days were over ( the legend had died) playground became my kit became my TMH's and my Morrison and boyd's and well i bacame fat. and it was really weird. because my hair was growin (its been 10 months since i cut the) and so was my tummy..then i started walkin back to my place for a while...that didnt work out since i got really tired by the time i reached home and was unable to study for long hours and this afffected my weekly all india ranks at the screening and AIEEE then health issues were screwd and i started taking the autos again.
anyways..this was just the prologue.
hhmph! recently i had to visit this place to write an entrance test, i mean i already am in a pretty good IIT coachin institute..i just wanted to appear in this test and later tell them that i dunt wnana join u r course..dunt ask after finishing off the test which was at their centre about 20 kms away from ym house i had three options...either go by auto which wud cost me bout a hundred bucks...take the bus half way and the train the charge bout 15 bucks...or the totasl journey by bus..costing hardly a tenner. i thought i could take the bus journey and spend the rest on my favorite pastime: EATING ( now aint that a cliche)
so as they say...journey is much more exciting than the destination itself. got into the bus. it was fucking hot..or maybe i felt it that way because my hair were covering my well as my ears..anyways i am implying to the fact that i was sweating. and i had no company.
so sat at the last row. guy sitting on my right: old farmer type dude. very dark..unshven wearin dhoti..shirt, unrecognisable.
on my left: man. bald. mid 50-s, short. pink long kurta . all around me were people diffent from one another..and amidst them all me, wearing a LINKIN PARK tee..with my axl rose wannabe hairstyle: being one of them. i felt great. you might think that what kind of a self centered bastard am i? but then when ever i was in a bus.sure i looked at the people around me, made fun of them( thats another story, will recite later, and btw i still make fu of them), but i never looked at them...right there in my 5 metre radius i saw the entire economic status of the country...there were people with laptops, people with walking staicks..there was a sikh, many telugu dudes, some behari-UP mix etc, and me, a kashmiri...india: in its true color. i dunno why suddenly i was seeing all this..or shall i say noticing all this. it was a kind of instantaneous feeling that i wanted to do something about it. but then thats our human nature.
when we see misery we feel like immediately shaking the world and tryin to long as one is in that sitution..once one gets out of the place..the feelings pass and once again the person is involved in his own world . it happened to me so many when ever i see a chicken getting slaughtered...i feel that how can i relish the taste of that chicken which was alive a while ago..i will become veggie..but then after i pass the butcher shop i go up to a bakery and eat a chicken burger
so there i was in the bus. then these 3 people entered. they started doin sum shit wid their hands...for a while i thought they were showing each other the middle fingers..but then more action took place..this continued for a while bout 10 mins..the weird thing was that they didnt then struck me that these were three people who couldnt speak and were communicating with each other thru sign language i noticed their every move..untill i wasnt the only one..these people had ceome the centre;s own circus. why couldnt the people let them be? why wer the kids in front laughing at them? why was the bus cinductor smirking? why were these people not embarresed by the fact that the whole bus was acting uncooperative with their sincere attempt to communicate? and why was i still jus sitting there watchin the whole experiece? life's unanswered questions.
i woke up after 20 mins.i had dozed off , the three people had long gone. ym station had come. i got down. took another bus which wud take me rght to my home.
tis one wasnt the "life's alive" type-of-bus. jus another ordinary bus with people.quite normal. i had become accustomed to bus travel in 15 minutes. but then i always have been and always was...just because i didnt travel by one for a whole year doesnt mean that i had forgotten of all the adventures one gets to have in this mode of public transport. got back home in bout an hour, slept.

i dunno what made me write this entry..but then i like it this way
here's rishabh signing off.



so, dude... where do u go for JEE coaching?? Ramaiah??


naw man..ramaiah is the best..i sed i was in one of the good ones..ever heard of narayana? but i might be shifting over to MEGA..depends on which techer is gettin transfered where..


damn! i realised i made soooo many typos...spelled conductor as cinductor lol..and many others..btw u ppl arent stupid so u'll understand it even wid the bad grammer..hahah


hey, your post remineded me of a quiz i went to last year in which the teams consisted of 4 people-one blind person,one deaf and dumb person ,one physically challenged person and one so called physically fit person.the organizers had also arranged interactive sessions between the team members before the quiz and it was a great eye first interaction with 'different' people and it really did make me a different person.more sensitive.

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