Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Wednesday, February 09, 2005
well this is more of bragging n informing than bloggin.
i am very very very happy today. various reasons are responsible for this outcome.

a) in the final IIT test of the narayana IIT series for 11th graders,,,i managed to come 2nd in my class of 120 students..i always used to be stuck between the fifth and the sixth spot..havnt seen the AIR's yet.

b) it officially been 9 ( yeah generally nine months is associated with sumthin else isnt it? dunt worry i dunt like "junior" myself) months since i cut my hair, hasnt been a pretty journey...i had to battle lice, dandruff, my teachers, family members( thanks mum for standing by my side), pals and the social stigmas associated with boys growin their hair..thankfully each and everyone of that problem has been taken care happy nine months to me.

c)i have officially fallen in love with MTV HEAD BANGER'S BALL vol.2 TIS GOT EVERYTHIN , EVERYTHIN I TELL YA.
the thing has 2 cassetes with 50 of the loudest most coolest alternative modern rock songs. slipknot, korn(one of my favs), cradle of filth, jus ruddy awesome..on a lighter note i like my staind ( 14 shades of gray) very much too.

d) i'll prolly go to sania mirza's next match and try to look at her tennis skills for once.

this isnt one of the cause for my heart's elation but we do need a d option here goes...
d) i have made a resolution to call my best pals more often and not make them feel as though as though i was taking them for granted.


Este Miseria

wow..a truly rockin list:) hey keep growin..(yeah the hair)..i think long locks on guys is SUPER HOT HOT HOT!!!!


yea? thanks! it really been a mixed bag of comments i've got over the past few months..will post somthin on it soon

Este Miseria


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