Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ok . this is just the ultimate rock buff's dream album. 40 of the loudest's most coolest songs by the great contemporary rocker. includes cradle of filth, korn, slipknot, megadeth,fear factory, drowning pool. just awesome. and guess what? the 2 cassettes come for a cool 150 only!!!!( and yes this is the original). this is a must buy for yall roc buffs. jus amazing cant put it down. havent heard the first volume yet. my pal says it has staind and the likes. sounds neat. but this one has a thubs up from my side. just amazing! Posted by Hello



hmmm.....who all does this one have?

The Hissing Saint

Wow this sounds neat!

Will have to get my hands on this one.

What type of bands are you into??

I guess I have an eclectic choice...ranging from soft rock to death and black metal to country to sometimes even Indian classical.


What is the big deal about that? Come home and I'll show you 30 GB of Mo3's of every Era from Sabbath to Nu Metal like Staind, Motherjane, Pentagram etc etc. BTW I have a lot of Musics Videos also... 20 GB to be precise.


@medha! well dear there r bout 50 bands. and there isnt enuf space in here to name all of them..i did mention bout4-5 names in the post.
@hissing saint@thanks for droppin by dude.i'm into all sorts of music man. from kishore kumar to korn and evrythin in between. but my all time favorite band is AC/DC.
@ARCANE. dude i neva questioned ur music capacity..i was merely suggestin a good rock cassete. thnx fer the info tho. 30 gb? thats sumthin.gr8


U got a fantastic choice dude unlike some who tend to disparage everything that does not fit into their definition of "cool".

And about AC DC ....well who can forget Highway to hell....

Rock on dude!

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