Thursday, February 17, 2005

say it isn't so...

Thursday, February 17, 2005
well this academic year started out pretty nicely with the IITJEE and the normal school( called IPE) going well. then obviously the JEE took over and i kinda started negelcting the school stuff( i mean the stuff that wasnt common to both)... now its one month from the exams( here in AP there is boards for the 11th class dudes as well).. and i thought.. fuck ..i'll finish the whole portion in a month( revising i mean0..and cver those 2-3 chapters that we'rent taught in the JEE class in the rest of the days. so obviously i had take days off fromskool. ER!!! thats the shit. the prblem i mean. our school doesnt believe all that much in self study.. i know crappy place. so they want me to attend all their revision classes and write their everyday tests. i am sooooo pissed off bout that. i mean how can i writea test in a topic which i am reading for the first time right now..i need bout 2-3 days to finish all the back log syllabus..for which the time..they dunt wanna give me. so i've been bunking school for the past 9 days( hey its all for a good cause). generally if you miss school one day they call up u r place and ask all sorts of crap. now they've given up. the only excuse they sport it if u dut come fast we'll tear u r hall ticket....i just feel like going to the guys face and saying.." FUCK OFF"!!
but yea..cant do that. so all i o is bunk.
now this is the scenario.
i get up at 2.30 PM eat. watch TV. play comp. blog etc etc. till its 6.30^ 6 o clock par simpsons hai) to 10.30 serious padhai..with no serious planning...just tryin to finish the syllabus. then break from 10.30 to 1 AM. then off to the books from 1 to 4.30 an then off to bed. the only thing that keeps me up so long is my U2 album "HOW TO DISMANTLE AND ATOMIC BOMB" and the appy apple juice. but i love late night studying. helluva fun. but will write on that sumtime later.

so anyways. this is a poem i had written in my 7th grade. for some reason i just felt like posting it ova here. of the many poems i've written..this one remains one of the closest to my heart..coz this one expresses the dillema of a 12 yr old who just wants to convey his thoughts. he duznt needta worry bout poetic expressions of what ppl will think of him.

Bunk to Flunk

It’s every child’s dream
To miss a boring physics class or a maths one,
And that playing instead in the ground
Would be so much more fun.
Who’d want to know how plants breathe?
Or for that matter how Akbar ruled?
Who’d want to know about land and sea breeze?
Or why the litmus paper turns blue?
Instead we could be in the playground
Happily playing football,
Or eat in the canteen
And stroll through the school halls.
“No teacher! I am not wasting my time.
Look, I study two hours a day,
But somehow even thought I try real hard
Nothing goes into my head.”
Suddenly, all the fun thoughts are replaced by a gripping fear
Now that the exams are lurking near,
No use asking advice from seers
Or trying to show off or act cool in front of your peers.
It’s now that I realize
That no matter how boring may be the teacher’s speeches,
We have to give her a chance
And try to learn as she teaches
So here is my mantra, my dear old pals
The secret not to flunk, is to never miss your classes
At least not the important ones,
And quit the habit to bunk



hmm.........keep at it dude..ur studies i mean :)


yeah i know. isnt it amazing..this is the time when one is spposed to be MOST serious and this is also the time one has MOST distractions( must write a post on that).???


kya meeyan? what studies and all? Don't be too much into it... get some fun as well. Narayana eh...? A lot of my friends were there a cuppla years back. IIT is all bullshit, if you ask me... enduku ra naayana, IIT anni?


nah mez not all tht much into school studies..just into problem solving...esp chemistry..ust looove chemistry. well bout iit i believe the journey is more worthwhile tan the destination.

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