Saturday, February 19, 2005

AI all the way

Saturday, February 19, 2005
Amidst the tension involvng the boards, one'd expect rishabh to sit in front of his chemistry text book and be mugging up reactions of group III elements. He does that. But apart from doing tht..he's doing one more thing...wasting a lot of time on the net, TV,eating, sleepin, bunking school(check below), blah blah blah. Anyways one of my favorite shows on TV is AI aka American Idol..or is it the other way round. whatever.
the show just rocks. i mean how cud one not love AI. everything from the gorgeous paula to the satanic simon is cool about the show. and yeah ryan seacrest is bearable too. however i am not too sure bout randy jackson, i'd have liked snoop dogg better..but then he'd not be a potential candidate to judge pop music wud he( damn groupie)..but then all randy duz is sit there on his fat lazy ass sayin , " yo mah man, u've got it all goin on mah brothah" or "yo, gal, 'u've got da moves"..but then he comes with the package so..erm whatever... screw him.
I watched the recent twosome episode this tuesday/ wednesday. It was amazing. The 150 something group was down to the finaL 24..12 of each species. Well can't say the judgement passed was upto mah expectations...there were some serious disappointments you know. First of all this cute gal..really cute gal called jacqlyn( damn american cuties cant spell u r shitty name).. she always cried..( she said that herself)..but gawd she hada good voice..she didnt deserve to be kicked out so soon. and fcourse when she got kicked out..she erm was so sad coz in the end there were these 2 gals one of which was her..and only one cud go the judges called them both together and told jacky that will you participate again next year..she said yes..the other one told she cant handle she got selected ( poor dear jacky) thats bout that bout her.
But all was not sad. mah favorite males ova t the cometition got selected. This guy called CONSTANTINE is jus soooooooooooooo cool! ( I AM PERFECTLY STRAIGHT THANK YOU!!!) .He's a rocker..his band's name is Pray for the soul of betty..and guess what the guy has acted on BROADWAY in a series called RENT..and even toured with tem with his band. So he got in . He had sung an aerosmith song in the prelims..which i thought was amongst the best that day..jus spellbindin. with him there was another rocker-long haired- someone called BO sumthin got in too. yea whatever.
And then the usual ppl..a cutie smartie called Mikilah got thru, so did the farm psycho guy sumthin ..and the John Ziza guy( the twin guy) didnt make it. so didnt david sumthin..who had done a james brown song in the city auditions and had miracuolously made it to hollywood ( due to the magic of PAULA) bad luck to him. there's also this 16 year old kid..i dont remember his name. he had some shit going on when he was a kid and the doc told him he cudnt speak..and now the bloke's in the top 24 of AI...JUS AMAZING..HE'S JUS 16!!!! my age..@@!!! ok ok enuf of the envy.
and yeah thats how it was..pretty good 4 hours this week. a waiting for tuesday.

i noticed somthin..theres an indian in the TNA wrestling aired on STAR WORLD..the funny thing is his name is sonjay( hahaha) ...what the fuck was wrong with sanjay..sonjay sounds like a fucking GI Joe who lost his head in a battle.

And one more thing....nah will write bout it in the next post. gnite yall.


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