Monday, February 21, 2005

Have you heard this one?

Monday, February 21, 2005
Ok my pal had come over for a nightcoz he desparately needed help in chemistry and since the boards are near i decided to help him out so after studyin making shit go into his head (he wasnt able to understand adsorption)..i decided to call it a day and we started to ya know do stuff. So first of all we spent like and hour online checkin out some sites( naw we outgrew porn in like the sixth grade) and then played some ceaser three, NFS and commandos et al. Later ordered some Pizza from Dominos( decided not to get from smoking joes based on the comments from IMHI)and well all was fine. He has got this CD ..compilation..called BIG courtesy Sony music. Well it was u r average mixture of rock pop hip hop ..included tracks from LP(numb), Maroon 5( this love), evanescence( duh!) and beyonce and stuff. I found three songs that were out of the box.

"Turn Me On"....KEVIN Lyttle/kevyn little ( what evea the fuck man). I had neva heard the entire song before this day had only heard the chorus. Well this day i heard the entire song and it simply as i can say: bizzarely weird. This guy is jus veryweird. He's not totally rap, neither hip hop, umm not totally popjust hangin loose somewhere on the street joints. I dunno. The song started pretty normally with the normal lyrics
"Girl caress my body
you drive me crazy,
turn me on, turn me on"
. fine. no probs. but then he starts to moan n jus blabber crap which is hardly audible. its like he was lickin somebody and trying to sing. Kinda weird when you are not the only guy in the room. Result? Me n mah pal broke down laffin with our hands on our stomachs. It was jus very.. weird , funny weird i mean. But yeah that song was jus too weird,you get the picture dont you.
I love Mandy by westlife. i Dunno. i just looove that song
But my most favorite song in that album was definely Dido's WHITE FLAG. she's magical jusss sooo amazing. I simply love her music( plus shez not all that bad looking wither is she eh DIDO?)
Just that her name would sound weird if we added a "L" somewhere in between. darn aussies!
Any ways.. the last song of the album...Tata Young ka " SEXY NAUGHTY BITCHY".. well we all know the song has nothin to look forward to except the hot chinese babe. I mean the lyrics are jus made. nothin grea except the words sexy naughty bitchy. But then the song hit big time so ho am i to comment? Well the song started normally.. ya know she with he OOOooo's and Aaahs' and then I realised something. It was REMIXED version of the song . And as the case is nowadays with the west. They are having all sorts of remixes..most of them with some punjabi tadka. ( remember Powerless by furtado)... well the punjabi in the song is supposed to make it more dance prone and more of a party song. what it did make it was a "Laugh my ass out" type of song. I mean after the main chorous there is this part where Miss Young goes like " sexy sexy sexy.. naughty naughty naughty, bitchty bitchy bitchy, sexy naughty bitchy me!" in a husky sexy kinda voice( i call it whorish..i know whorish isnt a word yet but it will be soon enough).. she says that ..but after everytime she syas a word.. a punjabi bloke repeats the same thing in his punjabi style. so young goes sexy sexy sexy( in a sexy whorish female seductive voice), follwed by a male repulsive voice sayin saaxy saaxy saaxy. Naughty..naughty naughty( whorish voice)... notty notty notty( male disaster)...and then she's like bitchy bitchy.. and the guy is like OYE! BITCHTY OYEE!! HAI HAI!!
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!
what the hell is bitchy oye! I just couldnt stop laffing. i was drinkin sprite and spilt the entire thing over myself and my dear precious JD LEE (inorganic chemistry). Man that shit was funny. And that was not all. There was the occasional "haddipa!" and " PURRRRRR!" AND well it was jus too funny to describe. only those whihc have listened to the song before can understand what i'm trying to convey over here. do listen to it if you are lookin for a hearty laugh. damn man!
here's rishabh signing off!



rite hadnt u heard the album wen we went fr dandiya?? neways its funny, bt remember yasha luvs turn me on...u otta remembr. bt wateva it ws shit funny neways..


hey turn me on is just ok , but remember i wasnt really in the listening mood during i just had heard the chorus then. heyyy whats sumedha's blog address??


Oh my god.....those punjabi mundiyas are terrible with Tata Youngs Sexy Naughty Bitchy.Seriously, Big is a good album though,Avril Lavigne,Maroon5 and Dido rock.Talking about funny songs have you heard this one called "MCDonald's,Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut". Its like the most purposeless song in history coz all they do is repeat that one line.Sometimes people come up with such hilarious shit,seriously!


yea? who sang it? and if u r lukin fer songs where one line is repeated throughout the song i say ya try moby


Oye Bitchy!.. I am going to use this!


i like big 2 n bout jummys blog i hav no idea mail her naa. shell tell u neways shes to pissed with the 'phirangs' as she calls them....


she called jummy..aww thats cute.( naw not being sarcastic here) i dunt have her mail id. when r u comin bitch??


yea saw da dates off u r blog.

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u'd wanna hear mandy and white flag in a club mah man? but yeah i like BIG no regrets


oh u r gal didnt realise tht. take the phrase " mah man" bak. "mah women" wud sound perverted so i hold my silence. hehe


Nyet, Rina Dahling. The worst song in history is "MacArthur Park". Try this piece of lyrics for a sample.

MacArthur Park, is melting in the dark, all the sweet green icing flowing down.

Someone Left the cake out in the rain.

I don't think that I can take it

'Coz it took so long to bake it.

And I'll never have that recipe againnnnn (repeat ad nauseam)
And speaking of hindi songs, you haven't heard "Kutta Kaate", have you?? It's there in my pod, and I really dunno what caused sonu nigam to accept singing it.


wtf??? are u sure its not from some gay cookery show???
btw i looooved that cyber thingee on u r blog. man where dya find such shit? man twas sooooo hilarious!


i own the BIG cassette.. bought it for the maroon 5 number..the added bonus for me was the alanis Morsette number... (my passive agressiveness can be devastating...yummy). as for th 'turn me on' number... youd be surprised what a freggin big hit it is espically on the club scene...


agreed tis a party blast but still when he singsa that crap where he says," hold me holdme, squeeze me squeeme, hold me hold me caressme caress still sounds like he lickin someone and singin. but then yea songs good


Haha..Ok..Akhil..funny one...the music industry is becoming funnier by the

The Hissing Saint

LMAO!!! Damn that seriously was funny!!

Talking of funny....have you heard Wierd Al Yankowic.

Check him out ...his songs or parodies as I would call them are too fucking funny


well actually we're talking of songs which are in irrelevant themes. but yeah the forgotten hero of indian rap. devang patel perfected it. though he was funny


LOL! funny, very funny...but it doesn't beat this song. Get the lyrcs:
"woh kya hai?ek mandir hai. us mandir mein ek deepak hai. Woh deepak tere aankhon jaise hai" or something to that extent!


Yea....Weird Al Yankowick comes with wonderful stuff.Constipated , a s parody based on Complicated by Avril Lavigne is really funny.


You should check out Wierd Al Yankowic's "Amish Paradise"....the original song was Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio.

Its hilarious!!


i loved gangsta paradise havnt heard the parody tho.

The Hissing Saint

You can download it from here....its really worth a listen.

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