Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Decc@n Chronicle

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
For those who have not come face to face with this phenomenon, I present to you Exhibit A. It's ad campaigns are flawless, with tag lines sporting "78% of the trendy middle class people who own a scooter read DC"
Isn't that just so splendid? It rules the plateau with its massive sales.
Every now and then(more often than not), they come up with these advantageous snippets. Have a look here

Now shouldn’t I just thank my stars for that serendipitous encounter while I was browsing the net?

Travel Bag. How convenient. I would’ve never thought about that because I am generally too busy being the brand ambassador of jute by sporting gunny bags to carry my stuff.

It is imperative to sport a clean, handsome look when you are holidaying.

Oh really? Coz the last we all checked our office dress code, being sloven and covered with muck fetched us brownie points.

Also, its terribly interesting how mp3 player/walkman/cellphone has been conveniently replaced by the ubiquious iPod.

Do check out the sports blog Pavilion Seat. Its being regularly updated!( wink wink)


Rohit Talwar

"Carry your iPod as it will have your favourite music stored as well"
MOFOS. Yeah, how wonderfully they ignored everything else and mentioned iPods. That too, with favourite music. No, we're all comfortable with carrying a shark's poop in iPods.

Man, these guys never fail to fluster you with their brilliant features. Losers.


nice one!


rohit: Haha! I know man. Yet it always sells. The sales are overwhelming, its the most popular paper in Andhra

Shuchi: Thank u


If there was anything worse, they claim to target the youth audience... being a media analyst, even I am surprised as to what is going on here... how can such a clumsy newspaper (and the company) survive.

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