Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter: The wait is over!

Monday, July 16, 2007
All around me I see people raving about how they were the chosen few to witness a phenomenon. The First Day First Show (FDFS) of the latest Harry Potter flick: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (OOTP). It’s almost as though the theaters could suddenly cater to a hundred fold extra audience just for this show. I am one of the few who got to watch it on the second day (by which time half the world had seen it)

J.K Rowling is surely having a gala time as the movie has shattered all box office records (just like all Potter movies do) and is raking in the moolah. It’s second in terms of first day earnings. Director David Yates took over from Mike Newell. And Wikipedia had this to say about the movie

Rowling wrote on her website on 19 december, 2006 that she was given a 20-minute preview of the film, which "looks fantastic"; after seeing the final product, she proclaimed the film "the best yet". Unlike some authors, Rowling has consistently offered her praise for the film adaptations of her work

Having seen all the Potter movies, except the Prisoner of Azkaban( for which I have to whip myself considering I feel it has the best climax of all the Potter books), I can vouch for the fact that this one has the best special effects, an aspect of the movie which has received unprecedented publicity. But then the reviews have been mixed. I agree to some extent with some of them. It’s a book about magic and magical worlds; sadly there isn’t much of magic in this one. The jokes are a lot more subtle, though not many.

Some other things which I noticed:

Personally I didn’t like Emma Watson in this one. Okay Okay I know I am going to have stones pelted at me for that but then hey…it’s my personal view. I preferred the cute Hermione from the first movie. People grow up I know. However almost everyone who’s seen the movie is totally mesmerized by her, so it’s probably just me.

I completely loved Imelda Staunton for her portrayal of Dolores Umbridge. She was flawless. With the Ministry’s backing and the power of pink, she simply stole the show. For me, the movie was all about her. Every dialogue she delivered those perpetual giggles and the style. Marvelous!

Luna Lovegood, played by Evanna Lynch was another spectacular role. She was so cute and so…erm…loony, as it is supposed to me. It’s almost as though she was meant to speak in riddles and was living in this endless dream sequence

Grawp was adorable, really cute and shit. But something about him struck me.

Does he resemble someone else we know?

And seriously, they have to make Voldemort scary.

This cannot be the ultimate face of terror which is supposed to freak the hell out of everyone, so much so that people shudder to utter his name.

Nor this

I get a feeling that he was made intentionally made to look like a douche so that children (who actually believed in works of fiction) wouldn’t piss in their pants.

I think most people loved the movie even more so because of the disaster of the previous one, which was in plain words: Boring!

This one thankfully has enough lines for everyone (well almost), unlike Goblet of Fire where everyone had a word limit of around 50 words.

Most hardcore Potter fans will love the movie despite its minor glitches here and there, though some people are rather shocked at some details not matching with the book. It was a 700 page book and a two hour movie, come on! Some parts just had to be edited and reframed, get over it and enjoy the movie for the other stuff. All in all I’d say; go watch it, definitely worth a watch.


Swat !!!

oh u liked it? i haven't been able to see it yet! no freakin time!! and my friend told me it wasn't that good!! lol guess i have to watch it sometime! and umbridge is good? she looked weird! and yep...i knew loony would be good!! in her interviews...that gal speaks lk that normally!! she had to be good!:) can't wait to watch it!!!!!!


U'll love umbridge

Rohit Talwar

I hear you brother, I didn't think much of Watson in this one as well. But I shut myself up the moment we stepped out as everyone disagreed.

The movie was dark and that's something I loved about it. This is what one needs for a plot like this. Jumps to the story and flawless in narration. Well, almost.

I can't wait for the last book in the series!


umbrigde is awesome ..... and so is luna ......she's just tooo cute .... emma is a bit of disappointment .... i mean compare her to the yule-ball look( on seeing whom many guys were left speechless )....


rohit: Challo, at least I have some support. As for the technical aspects of it, I already said, it was brilliant. A huge relief after the disaster of the previous one

Harsh:I'm glad we're on the same wave length!


Yeah..emma watson was a bit of disappointment..she no more seems like the bookworm Hermione..I didn't like the movie so much..may be I expected a lot..but the casting is so so great, it couldn't have been better..

Saurya Chakraborty

comment.(you're aware of my views i'm sure)


and yes..Voldemort is not at all scary..doesn't give those jitters. Bellatrix was much more scary than him.


Vega: Casting was brilliant I agree. And yes the expectations just seem to rise with every movie don't they? But well, the effects were decent, just that a lot of details were left out, hence the disappointment because every moment is treasured na? Many folks were pissed because quidditch was completely omitted from the movie

Shourjo: Yes dude!

Vega: I know. He was looking ok-ish even in the first movie, but then at least not funny like in this one. They have to work on it man!

Amey Parulekar

Yeah, even I was surprised when I saw what voldemort looked like...

Think i'll give the movie a pass though, harry potter movies have never failed to disappoint me


Amey: Thats the problem man1 People read the books and their imagination and expectations are raised! They they see the final product and well...vent.

Maybe we can make some money outta this?


Interesting read. But I don't know why I don't like any Harry Potter. I saw two & slept off in between.

Zzzzzz ;)


Probably the concept of people getting excited over magic and not using a gun instead to kill the other guy off had something to do with it?


Yes, Grawp seems to have been 'unconsciously' inspired by our Mad friend! My brother and I kept wondering if it had been intentional!


@anamika: Its gotta be, the resemblance is striking!

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