Sunday, July 01, 2007

Keepin' it real

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Due to the intervention of involuntary and unavoidable forces, I landed up at Hyderabad CENTRAL last night. Upon reaching there I witness the brouhaha and am all curious to figure out its cause. As I walk closer to the crowd I can hear a lot of incorrigible noise which I guessed was some bloke rapping.



The last contestant from the prelims took the stage and tried to put his “shit” together. He got cheered from the crowd and the applause died out just as fast as it started.

It was quite ordinary.

Once he was done, this radiantly hot flesh on bones took centre stage. She was supposedly an RJ on Big FM and looked a lot like Shweta Gulati (the girl who played the role of the bratty Tia on Remix). And well, she began saying something which I’m sure no one took notice of. From where I was standing I knew the reason for this. The cleavage is far more appealing for the eyes than the compeering is to the ears. It was sinister man!

The results were announced and I could sense the disappointment of the crowd for some DJ who had performed earlier in the day (and really well apparently) wasn’t chosen and instead the last DJ to perform in the prelims was who according to me was quite substandard.

What this guy and many others I noticed were doing wrong was this:

They thought that they were still in a club, and the hoards of uncles and auntie ji’s along with chunnu munnu were party animals. And well their attempts of asking the crowd to “sing along” or “Bounce” didn’t really have the desired effect.

Another thing was that the tracks being played were the ones that really had no mass appeal, I mean come on ‘My Name is’ by Eminem was hot like what, a decade back?

And on top of that the WORST thing they did was this: They weren’t ready the moment they took the stage, as in they seemed lax. So what they did was that the moment they got on stage they played some really annoying music (mostly some beats which sounded like the sort of disturbance you get when you get too close to the microphone). Now that too would be fine, what was most pissing off was that this music would repeat itself over and over and over and over, and well never seemed to cease.

I suppose they were so interested in getting the technical stuff right that they forgot the three hundred people who were looking at them. And well I don’t know if you’ll agree, but watching a guy in a tight tee just pushing some buttons and occasionally uttering a nonchalant “yeah” isn’t really that entertaining.

Finally this thin bloke who resembled my favorite African American satirist/slap stick comedian Dave Chapelle, started doing something right. He played the tracks that are currently driving people mad ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ and got the legion of Uncles and Aunties on his side. Also the jumping and ghoomofying that he was trying to pass off as dance actually worked. The crowd got excited seeing a guy dancing really badly and having the time of his life. He was an instant fav! Also he didn’t keep the crowd waiting with those irritating noise (which sound like gun shots or laser firing) for a prolonged period of time.

I’m convinced that Trance music is the work of Satan!



wo! u're having quite an eventful time..first the concert and now the war of the djs..and yes it is not at all fun to watch a guy pressing buttons and just saying's stupid.


Well, you could've done without the pics. But the rest of it neatly describes the sad state of DJing in our country.
And the 'dudes' are rather weird, with the whole getup and the yeahs and ahuhs, damn sad!


Vega: Ah yes. I've put on nearly 10kgs of weight(it has to be that much). Mad concerts, substandard DJ bouts, what's next? A strip bar?

Shuchi: I'm sorry, should have taken a Dopyite with me. The DJ butchered Kishore da as well FYI :P


remain vetty! and keep blogging!


Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is a big NO!!! how do ppl listen 2 that stuff?!?!


sap:Shearrrr! Totally vetti these days!
swati: Oh havn't you heard, its a huge rage. The movie as such ain't all that great. But damn! Big B looking like a freak and doin an ITEM, driving people crazy!


Hi you dont impress any one...

sad to know that people like you exist in this world you cant appreciate others but only knows to do blah blah blah.... your attitude sucks big time...

Its easy to critize but i feel pity for people like you who dont have the nerve to do a thing but only critize others who want to come forward in life by atleast trying... lets see how bad or good wuld you have been as a DJ...

You suck and your sick indian mentality is sheeeee....

My sympathy and empathy for you from the deepest corner of my heart sucker!!!!!!!


Hello sir!
you cant appreciate others but only knows to do blah blah blah....

Ever heard of freedom of speech? It's my blog, I can rant about any topic I want. Its my opinion, if you have one, go blog about it yourself and do gimme the link.

who dont have the nerve to do a thing but only critize others who want to come forward in life by atleast trying... lets see how bad or good wuld you have been as a DJ...

Dude, it was a DJ competition! Not some "Try your hand at DJing-nite" You're supposed to have certain standards!

I just pointed out what according to me did they do wrong, you could very well think of it as a positive thing. They'd better keep all that in mind before entering another competition.

I wasn't biased, atleast not according to me. I also praised the DJ's for some of the things they did, but I guess you conveninently overlooked that.

sick indian mentality is sheeeee.

LOL. I'm sorry but I just couldn't control laughing for this one. What's sheee?

Look I might not be a connoisseur but I have the guts to post my opinions on my forum under my name, unlike you who needs to hide under the anonymous tag. That I think is really quite pathetic. I mean it sort of shows that you're terribly low on self confidence.

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