Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some thoughts!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It’s there in the last spasm of a dying musk deer, the last breath of schools of fish trapped under oil spills, the diminishing numbers of migratory birds, the rapidly vanishing habitat of the giant panda.

It’s the cry of the earth. Can you hear it?

Do your bit. Save our planet. Please. Time is running out...

As I finished reading this I felt an intense rush of emotions. My fingers clenched and I stared blankly at the screen.

How many times have we heard this?

We all like to pretend that we care for our planet. And who knows? Maybe in some chamber deep inside our wretched mind, we actually do. But let’s be realistic.

Most of us simply don’t want to bother.

We feel that since we wont live to see the end of the world (unless WWIII decides to spoil the party) why bother? Or better, our pessimism leads us to believe that there’s nothing we can do. This belief generally comes from the environment around us. We see a friend of ours throwing the chips packet he just devoured on the streets. We see clusters of men letting loose (if you know what I mean) on the same wall that has ‘Plis don’t pass urine’ scribbled shabbily. And as time passes we truly feel that “it’s too late”.

A friend of mine who was sitting for a branch allocation counseling told me that his father found people still pursuing Petro Engineering rather amusing since in another 2-3 decades time there wouldn't be much petroleum left in the world to use.

Honestly speaking (and correct me if I’m wrong), saving the earth doesn’t feature in our top priority list. But every time the issue springs up, depending upon how it’s presented to us (especially if creative clips are shown every 2 minutes in between a mega concert), we all become environmentally charged. Sadly, this enthu disappears almost as quickly as it is aroused.

But as long as we’re charged we feel that we can make a difference (do I hear trumpets in the background?). But wouldn’t dedicate our selves to some on ground activity, instead we believe in the power of the exponents.

Little things, if initiated by a lot of people can shake the world

Ah yes! How many times have I heard that? But the sad part is even the little things like walking down to the store instead of zooming on a motorbike or using natural perfumes instead of aerosol sprays seem like too much of a bother beyond a certain point.

You know what the real problem is? It’s not smoke, its not money, its not greed. Its convenience!

It’s more convenient to blog about the issue and comfort ourselves reminding that “we’ve enlightened the public” than actually get off our lazy bum and switch off the fan that’s running, and open the windows to let the fresh monsoon breeze in.

We do what is convenient to us. We let the tap run because one hand is navigating the brush and the other hand is scratching the buttocks. We don’t switch off the lights after leaving the room because we’ve already locked the door. Now who’s going to unlock the door? Bah!

I remember myself, long ago. I was so supercharged after visiting a recycling plant that I stopped using notebooks for doing my rough work. I’d use the newspaper to scribble some formulae or note down our fundamental duties. I did that for almost two years. I guess as we grow up we come to face with the harsh reality (or so we feel) and realize that we’re helpless. Kids don’t feel that since they’re still in that imaginative world where everything is still possible and can be turned around.

At least I don’t feel like a hypocrite.

P.s: Nil dear, this post wasn't directed at you all. Remember the chat we had last night? This is just a vent post.



yeah i know what you mean, although your post still shows me in the light of a hypocrite. i already explained my take on it to you, and so i'm not taking offense or anything. i said what i wanted to, you're entitled to your own opinions.

Rajat Tibrewal

please try to maintain a cleaner room next sem!


nil: I'm merely saying what I'm sure most of us feel. Environment isn't our prime concern anymore, when it should be.
You didn't get the tone of the post, did you?
I said I dont feel like a hypocrite because I openly say that environment dont matter that much to me. That doesnt mean that u r a hypocrite. This post was about me and my views!

Rajat: You're my wingie! You shall be involved!!!


yes yes yes!!! gosh! This is the aftermath of the whole live earth concert isnt it! but it's never too late! :) i'm hooked to greenpeace!! and somehow when u talk about such stuff u're creating a sort of barrier between u and everyone else! that's what i've faced! i ask people to throw stuff only in the dustbin and they laugh at me! people won't even throw it in the bin! how do u expect em to SEPARATE the trash?!?!


swati: sigh!


I know what you mean by the little things going to the store, dude. You're right, the main problem IS convenience


Amey: I know man and its easier said than done to get rid of that attitude.

Sriram V.

Just finished typing out a rather long comment on ninja's blog on this issue... & after thousands of words, 1 word that I convenietly missed out on.. Convenience!



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