Friday, July 13, 2007

Tongue in cheek!

Friday, July 13, 2007
What? You've never seen a hot popular football sensation stick his tongue down a struggling committed actress? :P
A Portuguese with a Bong( does that sound familiar????)
Actually if you zoom 10x, you'll notice that there's no lip contact in the picture. There's just one photo for the two caught-in-the-act, and this is it. Zee has been raving about it.
It might very well have been a friendly peck, but you know what made the difference?
The mother fucking hand!
Him caressing changes the entire tone of the pic. It accentuates the sensuality and sends the message that they aren't just being cordial. And this is rather ironic considering Bipasha is the one who is the spokesperson as far as her relationship is concerned.
It was bad enough that Bipasha was compering the new 7 wonders ceremony. She has proved that Indians are extremely wary when in company of foreigners and just have to make a fool of themselves by trying to be someone they're not.

And yes! WTF is she wearing? What color is that anyways? Chameli pink?


Swat !!!

NO NO NO NO NO! I'm in denial!! aarrgghhh!! this sucks!! it cannot be!! excuse me if i sound obsessed with cristiano! :)

Vineet Keshari

can you blame ronaldo for being tempted to give it a more sensual feeling?... he's only human.

and that sure is one striking shade of magenta!!! urghhhhh...


swati: Ah agony of seeing your man in another woman's mouth. Bear it my child.

Keshari: Hmmmm true, probably got carried away in the heat of the moment eh?

Saurya Chakraborty

damned portuguese...why can't they leave our bong women alone????




bitch! :P Bong-Portuguese rocks! and cristiano is soooo hot!!!!!

Perspective Inc

Oh, who cares!!??!!


Nil: Aiite. Good for you. I bet you're in on their plan to take over Goa again arent ya? Traitor!

Perspective: True. I just had to vent. Her accent! Too much!

Rohit Talwar

Her accent, her "oh what an opportunity for an Indian, and not forgetting her b**bies going all over the place thanks to the Ma-I-got-shine-finally lotion.

And yes, that's pink of god knows what with a brilliant shimmery border (or whatever they call it.)

Oh, and it's Zee after all. They would cover the next thing in your loo if you called them. Let them have fun.

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