Thursday, July 05, 2007

Think four times before saying, "I DO"

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Salman Rushdie is an extremely talented and ambitious man. Yet his scandals supercede that. First he writes a novel which goes on to become the Booker of Bookers. His next novel almost becomes another booker prize winner. He also writes a book on the alleged heretical verses and pisses off most of the Muslims, ergo, gets a fatwa launched against him ironically on Valentines’ Day. And ultimately gets knighted for his services to literature.

I remember my mother telling me once that he commented upon Indira Gandhi’s lips comparing it to a vagina.

Good Lord!

But he is determined to achieve something greater than all these trivial matters, something which will make him the undisputed king of the neo-age. What he truly wants is to break the record of Elizabeth Taylor. Nothing would give him more than to surpass the legendary actress’ unfathomable record.

He’s almost there.

One of the extraordinary things about human events is that the unthinkable becomes thinkable
- Salman Rushdie

And correct you are sir. Indeed!

I remember reading TIME when Rushdie got married again. It had Rushdie quoted saying something about marriage being a holy union of beings. I found it rather amusing to see Rushdie believe in the sanctity of marriage considered it didn’t work for him the last three times. Imagine him at the altar and being asked for the fourth time, “Do you accept this women to be your lawfully wedded wife till death do you part?”

“I do”

Yeah it would have been true had the fatwa been carried out successfully. Yet fate would intervene.

Padmalakshmi. I guess the only thing wrong with her is her name. But then what’s in a name? I mean she’s so radiantly hot! Apparently she’s really intelligent. Must be hard for her because no one would be willing to listen to her because they’d all be undressing her in their head. Rushdie on the other hand could bear to control his lust for her for the sole reason that in 1999 he had an operation to correct a tendon condition that was making it increasingly difficult for him to open his eyes, so maybe he could pay more attention to what was coming out of her mouth rather than focus on what could go in.

But now it doesn’t matter.

Salman Rushdie has agreed to divorce his wife, Padma Lakshmi, because of her desire to end their marriage
-New York Post

The ignominy of being dumped by your own wife.

Our lives teach us who we are.
-Salman Rushdie.

Care to elaborate and provide some more insight on this kind Sir?



Must be hard for her because no one would be willing to listen to her because they’d all be undressing her in their head.

Lol... :D

Well, I guess people do not understand the true meaning of the sanctity associated with marriage and keep claiming that it is a holy union!

Well, it works for them anyways...

Rohit Talwar

Hahhaa, doesn't matter, he'd marry someone else now and she'd be busy with a random show on Travel & Living. Bah.


Heh heh...well written! Though perhaps you should see him as the eternl optimist, wishing things would go well THIS time around, at least :)


rebel: True, ultimately its all about whatever works for you

rohit: Ah yes, he probably would. He's just inching towards that record!


anamika: Eternal optimist indeed! At the risk of sounding cliched, where there is a will there is a way!

Vivek Krishnan

Especially when the wife happens to be PADMALAKSHMI!!!

BTW, whats wrong with her name?

siddharth b (myriadofmirrors)

"she's so radiantly hot"????? dude u hv pathetic taste.


Vivek: I know man. Her name..well..imagine how it'd be during sex...rather strange name to moan out na?

Sidb: Nor muyi bey lanjodka!

Vivek Krishnan

he'd call her padddu!! just like you do when you're fiddling with the controls, if you know what i mean


'The ignominy of being dumped by your own wife.'

Would've loved to see the look on his face :P


pardon me if I'm suffering from a misapprehension but I gleaned the following facts from your post
1. Padma Lakshmi is the hottest property for miles around (for god's sake, the woman's pretty old, and how long will her body compensate for her face?)
2.Dumping your wife is sure to guarantee you a place in some royal hall of fame, but being dumped by a menial second-class citizen like your wife, effectively qualifies you as a hermaphrodite.
Since I was unaware of the aforementioned facts previously, I reiterate that life is a great teacher.

ramya kumar


i m no prude but

"so maybe he could pay more attention to what was coming out of her mouth rather than focus on what could go in."

is a little too much. may be its not entered your head that padma lakshmi (it s a perfectly normal name) has a head (yeah apart from the mouth, it s got a BRAIN as well.)

whats so ignominious about being dumped by your OWN(?) wife?

dude, who else can dump you? your paper wallah's wife?


vivek: Shearrrr!

Shuchi: He apparently let her have her way. But yes, no likes to be told that they ain't fitting the bill.

Nil: I'd like to see your reaction when people start calling you "really old" when you're 37.
She is pretty hot. Her face is ok and dear you keep forgetting...we're men. Face is not of paramount importance.
Btw she has modelled for top shelf companies like Ralph Lauren.


Ramya: Yep, true, agreed. She got a nice brain inside that head of hers.
All I'm saying is that maybe Rushdie could appreciate her more for the person she is than for anything else. Get my drift?

Well you see I was referring to Rushdie's case here. He might've thought that after tying the knot for the fourth time, he might finally live a happy married life. But no! He gets dumped!

Saurya Chakraborty

I can't seem to understand why all the women are up in arms against you...perhaps I'm not as strong a woman as I once claimed...but really well written post dude...cheers!!


lol...didn't know he got divorced again! see...age does matter! :P

Vineet Keshari

lol... great post...

just cant think of a reason why the marriage broke up :)


saurya: Aiite, my brudda frm another mutha. Bros before hoes homie(i'm really gonna get it now)

swati: He did! You better believe it!

Keshari: True, they seemed so "happy" didn't they?


What people do. *sigh*

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